move-out vlog 1: confessions of a wannabe minimalist

packing up and weeding out. use my code HALLE35 to get an extra 35% off your thredUP order and free shipping at – no exclusions! (offer expires 9/30/22. applies to US & Canada only. see site for full terms). this video is sponsored by thredUP!

books i referred to
less by rachel aust
encyclopedia of clothing and fashion vol. 1 by valerie steele
sustainable minimalism by stephanie marie seferian

music i used
almost summer by franz gordon
rite of passage by kevin macleod
the orbital motion by fork in the blender
bearhats by smartface

back to packing.

15 Replies to “move-out vlog 1: confessions of a wannabe minimalist”

  1. Video begins with declutter and to much clothes..goes on with showing New bought clothes..

  2. Loved this 🙂 what style are your green nikes? I’m dying to find them online!

  3. Halle! G'day from Australia. Thought you would be interested in checking out Kraig Adams on youtube – not only does he make amazing hiking/relaxing videos, he has also done some incredible realistic videos about minimalism. Enjoy 🙂 <3

  4. Look into capsule wardrobe. Start with those 15 items and from there add whatever you like and need. I started with that, but 15 items only isn't for me so I added another 15 or so. I now buy clothes only twice a year, I look what I need (ex. A t-shirt is ruined so I need to buy a new basic t-shirt etc.), I gather a list and I hit the store. I buy a fancy dress or shirt along the way but this is it for the entire season (spring/summer or fall/winter).
    I am 27 and my style solidified a year ago. Don't stress about it!
    We buy clothes typically to feel excited and inspired. I changed the habit of buying unnecessary clothes, by bying other exciting but important things like books, art supplies, plants etc.

  5. agree on the farmers market. in LA people at the farmers Market , including myself, 😎 look very clean and look sick . I feel like the midwest demographic is more basic and older people so I bet you stand out w exciting fits

  6. being a minimalist is so vital for oneself and honestly for the environment . like why you need so much shit you are rarely if ever going to use.

  7. Hahahahaha the way you threw the infamous 'passionate' into air🤣. I do that too on very random topics😆

  8. Thanks for this Halle. I actually planned on reorganizing my closet tmrw and donating some stuff but had no where to start. I’ll definitely use your tips! <3

  9. Not me seeing this at 12am, finishing and doing a closet clean out myself…

  10. I thought you said “cat” instead of “dad” so for a minute I was genuinely confused because I thought you were talking about Frank’s color palette 😂

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