0:42 – Do your research (Websites & Apps & Touring)

2:19 – Initial/ Move-In Fees

5:58 – Visiting and Viewing the property


10:25 – Amenities/ Personal Preferences

12:00 – Know what you can afford

12:41 – Do a Walk-through with an eye witness before moving in

14:00 – Furniture/ Basic Household Essentials

18:50 – Know your limits for decorating

19:53 – BILLS, BILLS, Billllsss

I hope you enjoyed! Let me know how you feel about an apartment series.
xoxo -JayKay


  1. I love this video, but can you make it with dropping the F-bomb. I was going to show it to my Life Skills class and had to stop it at the 4:16 mark because of language. I love your message and it means a lot coming from someone closer to my students' ages than it would from me. You are very well knowledged and my students' enjoyed watching what I let them see.

  2. Now with people working remotely, if you have the option, take advantage of it by moving further out from a high cost of living area. My rent in Chicago suburbs will be increasing from $1,300-$1,500/mo. And if I don’t need to be in the office everyday, why have my hard earned money go to that?

  3. 1. Fees
    2. Take pics and videos when you go on your so you can zoom in and remember what the space has lighting etc
    3. Obtain a copy of the lease
    4. Amenities parking, laundry, gym
    5. Be prepared for what you can afford it might not be the fanciest thing
    6. When you get your apartment make sure to do a walkthrough with the tenant
    7. Worry about furniture and essentials to function in your apartment after you’ve moved in
    8. Make sure you know limits for hanging things on the wall etc
    9. Bills- organize them in a folder with tabs rent lights internet phone bill and gas and groceries

  4. I love the way you simplify things in your own words with a sense of humor :). New subscriber here, God bless you 👑🙏🏾

  5. I'm scared of getting kicked out soon.. 🥺
    I'm still in high school & I'm paying that by myself. Can't find jobs. No one to rely on. Ain't got no friends. So literally there go my savings. Not knowing what I'm doing with my life at this point, but trusting on God to provide a financial breakthrough. It might not be my time yet to be on myself, but bro I'm scared of my parents y'all.

  6. Hey Hun,
    I couldn’t help but to hear that when you moved into your apartment you drove across the world to get there. How did you do it ? do you have any tips in regards to that?
    I will be moving from NYC to ATL.
    I was nervous to have my car on the road for that amount of time alone however I don’t feel the need to rent a van for two bags or boxes. Your other tips was very very helpful so I just wanted to know your tips on this. 💕

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