My Employees Are The Worst…

I give my employee’s $3,000 and let them Remodel The Office….

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16 Replies to “My Employees Are The Worst…”

  1. Honestly this was a nice vid. As the channel has grown so has the business. John somehow became the responsible one. But seeing behind the curtain with Sam and Jordan added some nice silliness and squirrelliness. Since they left, the feeling wasn’t the same. But getting to see more of the team and how they work and problem solve. It gave a similar feeling. Keep it up, love y’all videos.

  2. Nice work, guys. I definitely would've ran bourbon thru the fountain for…… ya know…… job security. AKA bribing John. lmao.

  3. Hope that fruit punch doesn't recycle back through for the next person. ????

  4. Good boss, great work. Hop your business continues to grow and your team continues to enjoy their jobs.

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