My Favourite Instant Ramen Recipe (Indomie Mi Goreng)

Indomie gaaaaang #shorts

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30 Replies to “My Favourite Instant Ramen Recipe (Indomie Mi Goreng)”

  1. As an indonesian,hell no,not because its not good,its cause indonesian people love making indomie while they're lazy,its easy to make its good,but with making eggs and pepper etc,NO

  2. β€œQueen of ramen lisa”
    why is that so true though

  3. That’s litterly my fav ramen

  4. yoo the only instant noodles i eat are buldak and indome (mostly indome becuase i live in saudi arabia)

  5. My fav instant Noddles are


  6. Bro is that one pack of indomie I'm seeing, it's illegal, 2 packs is a minimum

  7. Can you do ichiraku ramen from naruto

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