My fruit tree had so much fruit it broke ????

The loquat tree is so laden with fruit that it SNAPPED ???? – to fix the tree, I sawed off the damaged branch with a typical pruning cut, then called in the garden boys to help pick the branch clean.

@jacquesinthegarden got a little too excited, if you’re asking me????????


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25 Replies to “My fruit tree had so much fruit it broke ????”

  1. P.S. It’s a loquat and it’s like a tropical citrus peach flavor, full care guide coming soon ????

  2. We have some of those in France ^^ Here we call the tree a "néflier", and the fruits "nèfles" ^^

  3. I loved seeing you enjoying fruit with all your family me and my cousins used to climb the tree and eat these

  4. Lmao love your videos. Thanks for an early morning chuckle. Gives my day a good start!!

  5. I have one growing in front of my house it's it first year sprouting fruit curious to what it may taste like it still has maybe 1 more month or less before the fruit start to ripe

  6. I grew up with one of those trees we used to make juice with them as well loved it

  7. My grammy has one of those trees. Very delicious fruit but goes bad real quick. ^⁠_⁠^

  8. Who is that handsome man snack in the middle?? Nom nom
    I Must know his channel name

  9. I have never seen this fruit where I live, but visually it reminds me of mirabelle plum which is my favorite tree in my (parents) garden.

  10. I can remember picking buckets full of loquats at my grandparents in bonita(in san diego im sure you know where it is)when i was a kid and me and my grandpa would eat them outside until we were stuffed. I would eat them until i was practically sick sometimes haha. So yummy.

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