Nail Art Designs You Can't Miss! Best DIY Funky Nail Hacks by Blusher

Give your nails an awesome and all-new look with our diy nail art designs! The best nail styles and looks you must try 🙂

About Blusher –
Grab your brushes and pick a palette, because, ladies and gentlemen, the class is in session. Bringing you new beauty tricks that will last a lifetime.

28 Replies to “Nail Art Designs You Can't Miss! Best DIY Funky Nail Hacks by Blusher”

  1. Most channels just repeat old hacks(im not naming them) but finally i found a channel whuch doesnt repeat old hackss, yayayayay

  2. It's very cool and amazing but tell me one thing that how will we remove water and magazine nail art. I tried it but it is not removing from my hands please tell

  3. Blossom please help me because the nail polish remover with story book in which the picture appear on our nail is not applying on me

  4. Thank you so muck blusher…… I mean in other nail art videos they didnot tell only that what things they use ……. but according to my experience I found only blusher that told us each and every material that they used…….. With this , this video was a perfect success to me ……… Once again thank you blusher……….

  5. Noooo! I can't ..I m not perfect at some times , ma bad luck ☹️☹️☹️☹️…..

  6. It looks easy..but it's not.. seriously…I tried..I spoilt my hands…this can only be done by experts eho have alot of practice…hehehe

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