NEVER TOO SMALL: Architect’s Live/Work Home Design Singapore 60sqm/645sqft

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Set on the top floor of a 34 year old low rise Singaporean public housing block, Project #13 by STUDIO WILLS + Architects is a creative reinterpretation of an original shop house, splitting the unit down the middle instead of keeping the shop/office at street level and the home above. Originally a two bedroom, two bathroom home, the apartment was transformed to create fully independent but seamlessly connected living and co-working spaces alongside one another. Raising the roofline created space to add a loft between the living and dining areas, underneath which they inserted a large piece of built in furniture, a tall wooden volume aptly termed the “space-marker”. The centre of the “space-marker” contains a walk in wardrobe and storage, with a built in tea-making station to one side and a set of timber steps, with integrated storage, leading to the loft style bedroom, on the other. By upgrading and repurposing this previously single-use residential unit, Project #13 re-examines what a mixed living and working space could look like, allowing for flexible use over time which in turn will sustain the property over the course of its life.

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Music: Sleeping Seeds by We Dream of Eden

Creator: Colin Chee
Cinematographer: Kevin Siyuan
Director: Nam Tran
Producer: Lindsay Barnard
Editor: Jessica Ruasol

18 Replies to “NEVER TOO SMALL: Architect’s Live/Work Home Design Singapore 60sqm/645sqft”

  1. The artwork in this space is brilliantly melded to the environment

  2. This is a great space! It's extremely innovative, functional, and soothing.

  3. Wow amazing how you have got so much into this space! Thank you to Never too Small and the architects who created this space for sharing, I need to watch this many times to really understand the design!

  4. I just watch NTS to see the newest innovations in dangerous stairs and falling hazards. Sure enough, at 0:28 there they are, sharp edged stairs with no handrails. What good is a ridiculous impractical living space if you are rendered an invalid by living in it? I am glad I live in a place with building codes.

  5. Kitchen might be too small for areas outside of Singapore, but it works because street food is actually cheaper than meal prepping.

  6. The bathroom by the kitchen sink is a complete waste of space. They should have just made that wall kitchen only. They really only need one bathroom.

  7. Really cool place. If they ever sell it I could easily see a family moving in, using the current office space as living space, the meeting room as a bedroom (after removing the sink), and the upstairs as a small kids room.

  8. Can you also do an episode in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or Shenzhen's CBD apartments, because I genuinely feel like a lot of the apartments's architectural creative designs there are so amazingly executed due to the limited space available.

  9. This design is interesting! Love how they centered it to co-sharing. Question though, how do they ensure privacy between the spaces is well-established? I wonder if sound travels easily between the two spaces.

  10. speechless… this is really incredible… functional and totally liveable… bravo!

  11. As a dane it made me happy to see the Kay Bojesen monkey hanging in the appartment.

  12. Amazing & superb 👍video!! Staying focused and positive while striving hard has always been my secret.There’s possibilities that you can retired without facing financial disaster which can only work out by investments. As for me my investments got me covered.

  13. I am glad that art should inspire deep feelings. This place is nuts! I could not stand living in this place. A window from your bedroom to your office? A sink, a washing machine, then another sink?
    Oy! No thanks!

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