NEVER TOO SMALL: DIY Plant-filled Waterfront Loft, Amsterdam – 45sqm/484sqft

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This bright plant-filled loft situated directly on the waterfront in the Eastern Harbour District of Amsterdam is home to Koen Fraijaman, his girlfriend Fadime and their cat Sok. Renovating it all themselves, they added a kitchen island, a frame around the bed and extended the terrace by adding a floating deck. Koen is most proud of the pulley and rail system he designed for the TV, which allows it to be pushed into the centre of the room when in use and stored away behind the couch when not. Central to the living room is a pink storage cabinet with a built in hidden desk and hiding place for the cat, set against green tiles that the couple installed themselves. In the bedroom, curtains surrounding the bed along with a large open air drying rack built into the custom made bed frame double as room dividers. The addition of floor to ceiling mirrored wardrobes and a large mirror above their entry door bounce light throughout the space and make it feel much larger. With a talent for making things and a keen eye for upcycling, Koen and Fadime have created a truly unique and playful loft to call home.

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Eps 112
Project Name: Scheeps
Designer: / @fraijman

Produced by New Mac Video Agency
Creator: Colin Chee
Director: Nam Tran
Cinematographer: Rem Burger
Producer: Lindsay Barnard
Editor: Sebastian Tibbs
Music: Outside In by We Dream of Eden & Found By Kevin Graham

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  2. This is fabulous! What wonderful use of space, both indoor and outdoor. ๐Ÿ˜‰ What impressed the most? I'd say the windows and the simple design. This home is filled with light/life. ๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒฟ A joyous space.

  3. One of my favorites in all the ones I've seen. It looks WAY bigger than the sq footage.

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