New Garden Update: Weeding, Thinning Seedlings, & Planting! 🌿💚✂️ // Garden Answer

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17 Replies to “New Garden Update: Weeding, Thinning Seedlings, & Planting! 🌿💚✂️ // Garden Answer”

  1. When you transplant a small plant when it is so hot, what precautions do you take so they don't wilt?

  2. Arg! Laura I was so comfortable inside where it’s cool and now I have to take a break from your video and weed! But my garden thanks you 🙂 thanks for the extra motivation.

  3. Laura ,
    I agree about slacking of on the weeds ,As you get older it gets a bit harder ,I found your method of zones every week really easy and its working !!

  4. Love your videos Laura and Aaron! Do you get mice in your garden? How do you keep them out without setting up traps etc. ? Thanks!

  5. One of the first video of yours that I watched was when you building a tee pee structure in Benjamin’s play area by your house. I think it had beans or peas growing on it?🤔. I LOVED it ! I was hoping you’d build one for Samantha in the new play area. But I love what you’re doing, kid’s gardens are my favorite areas ❤️

  6. Would love to see your planning calendar or reminder lists. How do you keep on top of timed tasks and scheduling?

  7. A rabbit ate my sunflower shoots . You gave me hope that’s it’s not too late to re seed. I’m in Nova Scotia, Canada .

  8. I know it probably seems really mundane, but THANK YOU for showing how you use a hoe through mulch. I will feel more confident using my hula hoe in my mulched flower beds.

  9. Puncture vine 😱😭😩😵 we call them goat heads. Get your flame thrower out 🔥

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