New Juice Obsessions and Ikea Pickups



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19 Replies to “New Juice Obsessions and Ikea Pickups”

  1. I have been to 3 different whole foods in my city and I can not find these juices you guys keep talking about lol

  2. I love your vlogs. Kendra was the brownie brittle looking at you?  LOL! Ya'll stopped  in Tennessee? That where I live. Yes I get random cravings for the oreo Frappe sold at some Mc Donalds.

  3. I need to try those chips you got from target 😂😂. Great video ( another marathon Friday for me)

  4. Do you guys ever do anything separate or the same, every time you have the same hairstyle same shades on and everything is like watching double which is fine but I was just curious, do you guys have the separate friends are everything is pretty much the same? 😍😍😍

  5. So my target finally got brownie brittle…… I have no clue how I lived without them 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  6. Walmart sells Brownie Brittle in the deli section for $2.99! I bought it today & I love it!

  7. Have yall tried traders joes version of the brownie brittle? It's called brownie crisps. I like the brownie brittle better but it's worth a try and it's cheaper.

  8. I was also wondering how they decided who got the room with the bigger bathroom. Me and my sister wouldn't have been able to agree on it. Lol. I recently started watching their videos. I enjoy them. They are so pretty and seem so nice.
    I always see that brownie brittle at walmart. I've been wanting to try it. I might have to pick up a bag next time.

  9. I understand completely. I live in Atlanta too, so anywhere I want to go past 4 toward Atlanta its terrible lol even if its like the next exit up. If its going toward Atlanta its ridiculous. I don't drive because im only 12 but I hate sitting in traffic, its giving me road rage. lol

  10. I always get the bright idea to get hungry right at lunch time or need to go out for something at rush time !! LOL

  11. Do you mind sharing the apartments name just moved from? They were nice I'm moving to Atlanta the first of the year looking at Apartments myself

  12. OMG . LOL. I was sitting here watching this craving for the brownies I have in my fridge. I told myself don't go down stairs, and you start talking about brownie brittle. LOL. I'm done.

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