11 Replies to “New product announcement on September 12th, 2023 | Sony”

  1. Give sony 3rd generation (a7 III, a7R III, a7S III & a7R IV) firmware updates pls, I will pay

  2. Please give us a non-crippled A7V. 4K50p no crop, the screen from the A7RV, a good EVF, better rolling shutter performance and it'll sell like hot cakes. Thanks!

  3. Burano is an island in Venice so it will probably be a mini version of the original Venice since the Venice 2 is out now.

  4. My best bet is that the Burano will be a similar, but smaller Venice. Maybe with a brand new s35 sensor as a response to the alexa 35. Internal x-ocn recording, electronic ND, low rolling shutter. Maybe a true successor to the F55?

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