New York Pizza Vs. Italian Pizza

It’s time that the Italians and New Yorkers have a chat, I love you both so may the best homemade pizza win.

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16 Replies to “New York Pizza Vs. Italian Pizza”

  1. That's not real New York Pizza. That's Bridge and Tunnel Pizza. The crap late night drunk partiers eat because they don't know better and don't care because they're S*** faced.

  2. No New York pizza uses Monterey Jack as a cheese!!! Period! Both NY Italians & Italians from Italy are going to get on your case.

  3. The Italians may have invented it, but the New Yorkers (East Coasters more generally?) perfected it.

  4. People often say there is no such thing as bad sex or bad pizza. Well I've had both. It's not the norm but both do exist. I will say though that the bad pizza was more disappointing.

  5. We had a Cub Scout camp out that someone brought a propane pizza oven and was cooking Italian style pizzas. Couldn’t believe how quick they were cooking. So when is Chicago style entering this battle?

  6. Best pizza I ever had was at The Pizza Church in Viaregio Tuscany. It was a fifteenth century church that was converted in to a pizza restaurant. You walked down the isle ordered your pizza at the alter and ate in a pew. All the pizzas were fantastic, ten inch pies perfect for a personal pizza. My favorite was the Adam and Eve pie, spicy sausage and blue cheese. I haven’t been to the place in twenty five years, but I hope it’s still in business and cranking out great pizza.

  7. Of course I’m biased, but in prefer Italian pizza. Except the sauce shouldn’t have garlic in it

  8. I just saw another vid on pizza, and to up the game turn the broiler on to finish the top of the pie, why I did not think of this sooner (armature!) is not clear. Both pies turned out great.

  9. Do you do anything with the mozzarella to reduce the moisture? Whenever I try it ends up putting off a bunch of water

  10. Pizza hut is better than italian pizza. Italians created pizza but the rest of the world perfected, italians are just to stubborn and set in their own old fashioned ways to see it.

  11. I have to say I prefer the Italian pizza but I don't think I get a say since I'm half Italian

  12. going to side with my american brothers here and say its say that the New York is the better, finer and tastier looking pizza. Italians think they do pizza best but its just ignorance!

  13. Man I'm never going to get a Detroit style pizza episode. At least Chef John never let's me down.

  14. "NY pizza is or not real pizza?" You guys should see Brazilian Pizza's then xD

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