11 Replies to “North-South Choke 101”

  1. To make NS choke more effective, you should flex your musle and rotate your body when you drop down. NS choke isn't about squzzing with your arm, but it's about how you drop your weight and rotate your body to finish the submission similiar to Arm Triangle choke.

  2. If you were strong enough kimmer12 then yes, but you have to turn your hips in to start with because once he's got side control he'll put his weight down and you'll be pinned.. after that its almost impossible

  3. Tried this the last time I grappled with someone, they didn't tap, mostly cause I wasn't doing it right ,lol. Gotta remember this one!

  4. I just usually just run this from a half Nelson from side control or after a cow catcher.

  5. @ShueFig This is the home of Submissions 101 and one of Eddie's affiliates, 10th Planet Victoria

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