NYC to Korea Vlog | Flying to Korea, meeting content creators, college days, cafes, hair & nail art

Traveling back to the motherland! It was a little emotional being back in Korea, reminiscing my college days of learning how to navigate life in a new country. I also got the chance to meet some amazing content creators in Seoul as well. Enjoy!

Places visited:
Grandma’s Recipe 할머니의 레시피
Chahong Ardor 차홍아르더
Courte Studios 코르트 스튜디오
Kitchen Shiok 키친시옥
Aufglet 아우프글렛
Collection.B 콜렉션비

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18 Replies to “NYC to Korea Vlog | Flying to Korea, meeting content creators, college days, cafes, hair & nail art”

  1. i was really really touched when i saw your grandma's smile. i could imagine how she felt….you felt.

  2. 진짜 몰라서 그런데 블로그 시작할 때 나오는 배경음악 제목이 뭐에요? 듣고 싶은대 제목 모를 때 고통 알죠?^^

  3. Hi, the part where you cried I cried too and you are very funny😘😘🥰❤🥺

  4. I hope my grandparents can live a long healthy life so I can spoil them and just love them as much as possible 💗
    Especially Grandparents that raised us when our parents had to work deserve the world 🌍

  5. Why do I cried so much watching you and your grandma . I missed my grandma terribly .

  6. i'm pretty sure your family is proud of you, so do i. sending loves for a good person like you Michelle

  7. The part with your grandma made me cry 🥺 i hope all grandmothers and grandfathers in the world are loved and surrounded by their loved ones. I miss my grandparents. 😭

  8. Michelle – I don't write comments but my gosh here it goes… thank you for sharing, especially that part with your grandmother, it was so tender and sweet that I choked and I felt that tear. Thank you for being raw because in moments like these, you learn those sweet small tender moments are the ones that stay with you the most and wish you had more often.

  9. I just visited my Hamoni in the nursing home the other day. It broke my heart how such a strong, resilient woman could become so weak and frail. I really connected with that moment you had with your grandma. <3

  10. Watching you with your Grandma brought tears to my eyes. I lost my great-grandma last month and I hadn’t been able to see her in a few years (I don’t live in my hometown anymore and it’s hard to travel there). I did get to hear her voice before she left, but I’ll always wonder if she remembered if that was me or not. Cherie the time you have with your relatives no matter how old or young 💕✨

  11. Tina and Michelle in one frame is such a dream come true❤️😭 love you both so much and thanks for being such a great grandchild to your grandma, I can see how much she loves you. Not a lot of people right now gives attention and care towards their grandparents and you’re one of the best model/example that loving grandchild still exists. Keep doing what you’re doing you inspire a lot of people.

  12. the part with your grandma was so special. thank you for including the whole of your life in this vlogs

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