Oklahoma Joe and Brinkmann baffle installation

In this video we cover how to install the Oklahoma Joe Highland, the Oklahoma Joe Longhorn, and the brakeman trailmaster Bethel plates. Get yours at BBQSMOKERMODS.COM

19 Replies to “Oklahoma Joe and Brinkmann baffle installation”

  1. Great video , very good information.
    Thank you for sharing, I'll be checking your website.
    Happy New year to you and your family.

  2. Thinking about purchasing one for my Old Country Brazos, and I was wondering what gauge/ thickness the plate is? Thanks in advance…

  3. Very nice and informative video. Question? Got my first smoker and I have leaks in the front and the back of the smoker. What can I use to plug the leak? Thanks

  4. Why doesn't the baffle plate extend to the end of the grille body on the chimney side?

  5. I just ordered one for my okj highland .. if anyone could please tell me if it was a good investment.

  6. tossing this info out there,,,,,I just bought the highlander for 241.00 at lowes,,,they price matched walmart 268 plus subtract 10 percent,,,its their price match policy,,,I had to argue and show the manager its on their website…

  7. it's great,but do you guys have upper gate kit for the okj highland?…Or would or could you make one

  8. How do you clean the baffle plate? After doing all the mods do you get even temps across the grate. Thanks and good job

  9. If i knew about this i would have never got rid of my brinkman pit master i could have kept it dang the fire box always over cooked food on the fire box side i sold it to some one now i understand you cant get any brinkman grilles any more the company went chapter 11 because home depot and others stopped selling them

  10. Yep… this was a valuable video… now to go out and get your baffle for my new Highland Smoker.

  11. My wonderful wife just recently ordered one of these baffles for my longhorn . I'm definitely looking forward to getting it put in, and hope that it will truly help level the heat . Thanks for making these available for purchase, and Great video !

  12. Great video!  I was taking measurements for my Brinkmann Trail master so I could have a metal scrap yard make the cuts for me. Dont need to do this now.  I just ordered the baffles from your site.  Cant wait to install them.  Thank you!

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