Opening the Greenhouse ???? Irrigation System, Compost + garden planning! | DIY DANIE

Opening the Greenhouse – Irrigation system, compost and garden planning!
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With her “MAKE IT MESSY” motto, DIY Danie uses her diverse creative skills to build unique one-of-a-kind DIY projects for around the home. Focused on the journey more than the end result, she aims to inspire her creative beast community to feel empowered to pick up a power tool and try something new. This channel is a place for all the creative junkies, DIY warriors, home decor inspirers and interior decorating seekers, who need a place to feel inspired and motivated to try new diy ideas in their home!

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00:00 Intro
02:05 Let’s Look Inside
05:52 Our Indoor Garden – prep for spring
07:31 Cleaning out the dirt
09:41 Compost for Debris
13:16 Setting up the Irrigation system
23:33 Planning our Garden Beds
25:17 Fun thrifted find for GH
27:04 Outro

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16 Replies to “Opening the Greenhouse ???? Irrigation System, Compost + garden planning! | DIY DANIE”

  1. Sorry for some of the audio issues in this video! I had a faulty wire and I didn't know it! The problem has been fixed for future videos – PHEW!!! xo Thanks for watching ALSO – I got my annual and perennial messaging mixed up. ANNUALS are only one year – PERENNIALS come back EVERY YEAR. ok, thank youuuuuuu ????

  2. Hugs Danie.???? ❤ Enjoy the emotions and the journey.
    Love the haircut! Really suits your personality.

  3. Oh I love the hair! (Haven't watched the video yet…just wanted to let you know!)

  4. Your irrigation system sounds like what the super markets have ???? oh n don’t forget to seal around that tube hole bc critters just find a way..

  5. I agree with Diane using the feed bag to gather your produce ???? Love your haircu????

  6. Loving the hair!! It really suits you. ???? the greenhouse looks great. I heard you say Kenobi got the corn on the cob?? Not sure if you meant having the cob to eat. If it was, please don't feed feed him cobs. Can't tell you how many dogs go into surgery for intestinal obstructions due to cobs stuck in their digestive tract.

  7. I would recommend raising them up good and high to save your knees and back. You might be young now but for future use… Save your joints now. I made mine 16" at age 35 I'm now 40 and washing they were 32" ish. Plus rabbits. I bet you have lots and they like to lay their babies in your garden digging up veg and keeping me from watering my plants (so they don't drown). Killed my garden last year. So high enough they can't get in or a plan to keep them out later.

  8. Dani, I’ve had raised flower bed and a raised veggie garden for the last three years I love them We added a new one today we are in Alberta

  9. The horse feeding bag (so cool) would be a great grow bag for (small) potatoes. Also, the hair looks great!

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