Options for full set of implants

Learn the different types of teeth you can have with a full set of dental implants. This video details the types that I personally use, however others may use other materials that I do not have experience with.

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  1. Great informative video. I broke my zirconia bridge the first bite i took I heard it crack and by 4 days later it was broke in half. I think Zirconia does not have the give that acrylic does either.

  2. Mariah Carey's older sister Alison Carey is in serious need of a full set of dental implants.

  3. Saving up can years I’ll be 68….. $35-$40,000 by then I hope that will be enough and then they don’t get cheaper overtime they get more expensive overtime, grr. I wish you were here in Toronto Ontario Canada ♥️🌎🇨🇦🦷

  4. Hi i am always watching your chanel i hope you can help me about my teeth problem. Upper full denture.

  5. Zirconia is very heavy material Just woundering if I ever will get used to it. I preffer porcelain just like my crowns

  6. Hi, i've long wondered about the lifespan statistics for implant clients. are there any such statistics? i wonder, because titanium clots blood on contact, surely the titanium ions pose a hazard. i feel it's important for there to be a central reporting for when clients have the implants, and then follow-up to record when they pass and from what causes.

  7. Look at LSK121 in the U.S and see the most amazing craftsmanship they do on their Syton 5000–6000 models….Their top top of the line arch is called the Syton 7 Star…I once sent you the picture in F.B messenger….You really liked it.. Eric…I'll just show you again when I come to the UK and have you do. mine… Eric

  8. Very knowledgeable and you explain it in non medical terms . Wish you were in the usa

  9. I had a consultation with a surgeon for implants for a full set of teeth in April. The total cost was 60,000. 25,000 for the surgeon and 35,000 for the dentist. I had 2 surgeries. 6 upper implants in September and 6 lower in December. Now I have all 12 and had to give the dentist half the money up front in April when he was making me temporary dentures. The first lab he had put 2 different teeth in the front and he had to send them back. Then the second time he gave me the upper dentures it was off centered but the dentist said they are only temporary. Well 9 months later I still wear them. In Dec he used another lab and had them do the bottom dentures and when he gave them to me after my surgery in Dec I was horrified!!! The bottom dentures were way too big they didn’t fit and they were the bleached 1 which is the whitest you can get. My upper dentures are a D2 and not bleached! When I saw him I told him how unhappy I was and he walked out of the room and refused to talk to me!!!! I gave him 17,500 and he left me with NO bottom teeth! I’m over a month now and still o my have the upper uncentered dentures! I went to a new dentist for a consultation while telling my old dentist I want a refund for the rest of my money. He only was going to give me half and I ended up getting 10,000. So I personally lost money because I only have a upper denture from him. I’ll be going over different types of teeth with the new dentist so this video was very informative. Thank you and hopefully by April I should have my permanent teeth. The lab the dentist uses I EXTREMELY important because the 1st dentists labs he has do work like third graders!!!!! That’s why he lost my business!

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