Orchid Care – Cutting Spikes on a Phalaenopsis – From rePotme.com

One in a series of orchid care videos sponsored and presented by rePotme.com Orchid Supplies. This video shows how to cut off the bloom spike on a Phalaenopsis orchid. Three examples of plants are shown with discussion of the approach for cutting the spike in each instance.

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  1. We would cut an orchid stem that had rebloomed for the second time at the base to give the plant a chance to grow a new leaf and gather its strength for the next bloom cycle.

  2. You can cut the spike any time of the year when the orchid is finished blooming. Some orchids grown for the floral market are "forced" to bloom off cycle but they will adapt back to the natural seasons once in your home for awhile.

  3. Ceramic cachepots that do not drain pose a challenge in that water can stand in them and orchids don't like that. You can take it out of the container and grow it just in the plastic pot. Or, if you want to use the cachepot, make sure water never sits in the bottom.

  4. If the nodes on the spike are brown and dried the orchid is indicating that it is finished blooming on that spike and needs to gather its strength for the next bloom cycle. We would cut a spike such as that at the base of the orchid.

  5. Sometimes the plant will enter active growth and begin forming a new leaf or two before the flowers have all fallen off. That is fine, just cut the spike back after the bloom is finished.

  6. We prefer to cut lower on the spike as the new growth can get tall on its own. A branching nature is usually determined by the genetic makeup of the orchid. A very healthy plant may have two or even three simultaneous spikes.

  7. You didn't show how to cut the orchid stem that had rebloomed for the second time. I guess you just cut it right at the base…idk. Good info though…thanks!

  8. Yes, after cutting the spike continue to water and fertilize as normal. The Phal will then enter a growth phase and start a new leaf.

  9. The best video about cutting a moth orchid spike I've seen so far. Well explained, presenting different situations. Thank you for uploading.

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