Part 1: How We Made $400 By Becoming Mystery Shoppers & YOU CAN TOO! (#HustleSeason)

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*Note: You are considered an independent contractor. Which means you are responsible in paying your own taxes on the money you receive. We suggest setting some money aside from each check.

Resources Mentioned In This Video:

MSPA (Formerly Known As The Mystery Shopping Providers Association) *We did not pay $25 for the membership. Click the “Independent Contractors” tab and then “Search Our Opportunities Board”, then ONLY fill out the “LOCATION” portion. Next you will have a list of shops in your area. Click on the one that you want to do, then look down in the instructions section the mystery shop organization will be listed. Click on the url of the company and apply to be a mystery shopper with that particular company.:

Market Force –

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Sentry –

Jancyn –

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video. We were not endorsed or asked by any of these companies to mention their names. We do not personally endorse any of the companies mentioned in this video. Approach at your own risk.

20 Replies to “Part 1: How We Made $400 By Becoming Mystery Shoppers & YOU CAN TOO! (#HustleSeason)”

  1. Very helpful 1 Corinthians 15-3-4Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures and that he was buried and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures Jesus love you Repent believe the word of God says Jesus is the way the truth and the life no man come to the Father except by Him Jesus said whatsoever you ask the Father in my name that he will do give and you shall receive so give to charity

  2. Hi. I'm a new subscriber and I have been somewhat binge watching your videos over the past few days. I was fired from my job in June. After that I worked in a temp position for about a month. I stopped the temp positions voluntarily for several reasons, but one reason is because it was an hour and a half away from my home. So, a full trip to and from work was three hours and it just wasn't worth it for the amount of money the job was paying. If I had kept that up, I would have eventually ending up losing money due to the amount gas I had to put in the car, not to mention wear and tear. So, I started browsing the internet for online work because of the pandemic and found your channel. What I really like about your videos is that you don't just talk around a subject. You give as much detail as you can possibly give to persuade your audience that this is doable. This video was done in 2015 and it is now 2020 and I wasn't familiar with secret shopping before coming across your video. I'm not sure if this is still a thing, but I am certainly going to look into it because this is definitely hustle season for me. This is the first time since I was a teenager that I didn't have a job and I turned 51 years old this year, so it's scary out here in these coronavirus streets. I have two people, my mom and my daughter, depending on me. So, I literally don't have anymore time to feel sorry for myself. I never imagined myself being fired, so I wouldn't have considered myself a hustler, but I'm about to learn today. I thought I would retire in my profession. Life can certainly throw some blows! You all are truly inspirational and have been a motivational influence for me since I have been watching you tell your story through these series of videos that I have watched thus far. Thank you.

  3. Hi i enjoyed you video . I have a question have you came across a company that all they want is for you to call about apartments?

  4. I love both of you. I just discovered this channel today. Thank you for not being vague and selfish like most are. You are detailed and sharing knowledge. Now I see why both of you are so blessed. I will give this a shot and pass on the knowledge.

  5. i used your referral link at best mark and it is asking me for the shopper id of person referring you contact me at if you want credit for referring me ill pause on filing out app

  6. What exactly is MYSTERY SHOPPING?? What kind of things do you look for, sample etc.?

  7. King & Queen!!!!! You have great and valuable content! I'm a saavy, single mom who's crushing her mortgage! Mystery shopping here I come, let's get it! You guys so ROCK!!!!!!!

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