Perfect Turkey Gravy – McCormick Recipes

Learn to make a delicious Turkey Gravy. Watch this video for easy to follow recipe instructions and enjoy the Perfect Turkey Gravy today!

Make the holidays extra special with McCormick’s Perfect Turkey Gravy. Great flavor and no lumps. It’ll have the whole family come running to the table this Thanksgiving. For a change of pace, try one of the Flavor Variations available at:

7 Replies to “Perfect Turkey Gravy – McCormick Recipes”

  1. This is good when you don’t bake your Turkey . I am frying it this year . So I hope this is okay ????

  2. It doesn't taste very different with the cornstarch (mix up the corn starch in water first) but if you add milk for certain dishes it tastes a bit creamier. Idk why people bother buying gravy at the store. You can make gravy in less than three minutes.

  3. I use flour, how does it taste with milk cornstarch. Is it any better? Maybe I'll try it this year!

  4. I can easily make gravy without the help of gravy mix. I just use the juices add milk corstarch and a little bit of water and done its gravy. Its actually just as flavorful, and it has a creamy appeal to it.

    I can make gravy without any help of gravy kits.

  5. I use packet gravy as a thickner in all my gravy it add more flavor but I dont use any water all pan juices…

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