Perfection — TUTORIAL

Spectator shuffles cards and turns a random card in the deck upside down. You have a second deck of cards in plain view the whole time, you reveal there’s a face-down card in your deck, and the two cards match!

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11 Replies to “Perfection — TUTORIAL”

  1. 49 seconds into video saw duplicate 10 of clubs (one next to turned over blue card and also 3 left from turned over card) but you said no duplicates!!

  2. Umm…wait a sec…
    we ask them to pick a random card and turn it over and place it back in the deck….
    but when we show the prediction card and the turned over card they do the fucking argue that it is not their card…how do u explain it…bro..

  3. why do u need to hand them the deck twice to pick a card behind there back if the first time when u do the slight of hand stuff u already got the trick done??????

  4. this seems like a really unnecessarily difficult version of the trick called Lucky Backflip

  5. Instead of the buckle and half pass, couldn't you just use a Braue force? Not the prettiest and is somewhat suspicious but a LOT easier…

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