Personal बातों के English Sentences for Daily Use, Hindi to English Speaking Practice, Conversation

सीखो English में Personal बातों के Sentences. There are things we feel shy to say and hesitate in talking about, fearing that they may sound like double meaning words.

Learn English through Hindi / Urdu with Awal. Learn how to tell someone about personal things like zip khuli hai, shoe galat pehna hai, shoelace khula hai, shirt pant se bahar nikli hui hai, pant dheeli hai, etc. Learn English sentences to talk confidently and fluently in English with friends and colleagues at work.

This video is useful for people who can understand Hindi or Urdu, and want to learn English. If you are living in US, UK, Australia, Canada, then this English training video is important for Hindi to English speaking practice. This video has English sentences for daily use with friends, kids, seniors and even strangers in public to talk about personal things.

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  2. He often wears his shirt inside out and then I have to say him take on your shirt properly.

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