Physical Therapy Diagnosis: Shoulder Stabilization

Six shoulder stabilization exercises using Theraband elastic tubing. Get the home exercise diagrams at

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19 Replies to “Physical Therapy Diagnosis: Shoulder Stabilization”

  1. The links arent working anymore. Is there another way to get the exercises?

  2. I love it when he says he is going to step to his left and he is point right. Funny, but still love this guy. His advice is solid.

  3. Great refresher, but anyone with a shoulder injury should see a physical therapist, who will evaluate range of motion and strength before prescribing a custom exercise plan unique to the patient.

  4. I'm not even convinced this guy is a professional health care work, such a terrible presentation.. No ref to starting posture feet placement hip rotation or anything.. terrible!

  5. Tim, Not the best presentation, but it's working! You just saved me $ 4,000 dollars. THANK YOU!

  6. 'Step to your left' hey? Not gonna take advice from a guy who doesn't know his left from his right!! Haha

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  8. I had a shoulder injury last October. Just a few days ago, the shoulder popped out again after I went to reach over the coffee table for a cup. It's been bothering me since, but I'm going to do these exercises for a few weeks and see what happens.

  9. thank you, Tim for this wonderful and very helpful video! as a physical therapist myself, i am very proud to have someone like you in this field who really makes the time to post videos lile this for people to be aware that it is their knowledge that can help them prevent getting themselves injured in the future. thank you again..all the way from philippines!

  10. I have been doing these sorts of exercises for YEARS been to see MANY PTs and my shoulder still subluxes and i get a sulcus when i raise my arm and an impingement on the front deltoid… STILL searching for a cure!

  11. It would be a shame if you did not get ripped when normal people accomplish it so easily with "Six Pack Strike" (check it out on Google).

  12. I was thinking along the lines of serratus anterior or maintaining activation of the rhomboids/serratus with various activities? What do you think?

  13. Hello Tim,
    I can see how this can be classified as scapular stabilizers due to the location of the muscles your working(er,ir). are these the first exercises you emphasize when someone has poor scapulo-humeral mechanics? Just looking for other ideas from more seasoned PT(gotta always try to improve like we ask our patients to do 🙂 ) Thanks Tim!

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