Plant These Shade Friendly Crops for Low Light Gardening Success

With 4-6 hours of light, what can you actually grow? A lot to be honest! In this episode we cover the crops you can plant with 6 hours or less of sunlight, and with this information, even a shady spot can be a productive garden!

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20 Replies to “Plant These Shade Friendly Crops for Low Light Gardening Success”

  1. I have the hardest time germinating chives. Any hints or tips. I've tried everything except the paper towel method.

  2. I live in miner's lettuce territory (western Washington). I used to lead a student naturalists club when I was teaching (now retired). We would walk through the woods by our school and I would talk with the students about all the things we saw. When I first learned about miner's lettuce I picked some and tried it. When I told my students about it some wanted to try it too! Dangerous territory for a teacher! But I was confident they'd be okay and said to go ahead. This was 25+ years ago and I probably wouldn't let them taste it without parent involvement now. Cheers!

  3. I've had really good luck growing lettuce all summer in the shade in pots.

  4. Great video as always. Former Michigander here, I live in an old growth forest now with tall trees and I want to build a green house, but at most Im going to get 5-6 hours during high summer of direct sun light, and the rest is filtered thru trees. Im probably going to struggle to get 5 hours most of the time. What can I do with lights to expand my growing abilities?

  5. Is it weird that seeing so many seeds are sold out on the stores website makes me happy? Congratulations on such a successful business. Thanks for all of the great videos

  6. I grew stinging nettle one year, can't get rid of it now lol. I've had catnip start in the fall and grow all winter here in Oregon with little sun, very easy and hardy


  8. Thank you!! Extremely helpful info for a newbie!! Thanks for the tip of Miner's Lettuce — I live on the coast of the PNW!

  9. Have any tips on Spinach? I can’t seem to get that or broccoli to grow here in southern Virginia. ???

  10. Great video as always ? Thank you for sharing this info ☺️ have a great day and happy gardening ????

  11. What are your top three reasons to grow stinging nettle? I live in South-Central TX (zone 8B) and stinging nettle is something we have battled to eradicate since as long as I’ve been alive on this earth. Please tell me what it’s good for?

  12. Great video Luke. It's absolutely adorable how you talk about windowsill gardening when you and the Mrs. were in an apt. Made me tear up. So happy for your growing family (plants included.) And wow might try Claytonia again. It died in full sun a few yrs back.

  13. I JUST got a notification that the seeds I ordered are out for delivery!!!!! Love from ?? ? ?

  14. Petunias is the only one I could think off so I definitely needed to watch this.

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