Plantar Fasciitis explained by a Podiatrist

This 17 min. video was prepared by Dr. Julia Overstreet, a podiatrist, high risk foot specialist and lower extremity wound care specialist. Dr. Julia shows you all the basics to safely evaluate and treat Plantar Fasciitis

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  1. Why do you feel that gel padding the foot's heel is useless, however earlier in the video low dye taping the foot was one of the recommendations listed. What is the difference?

  2. I don’t have ANY foot pain yet but extremely sweaty feet suddenly, with several audible cracks and snaps in the morning for the first few steps, am I on my way to this problem? Been trying to stretch my tight calves but like you said seems to be getting worse…

  3. Thank you very good information that can help. I was well informed. Yes I now see how many useless products I have bought. And was now about to buy a foot massage machine that would have worsen the problems as the arch would have been massaged in the wrong direction. I have the super feet orthotics which I have not been using regularly at all , so I will now do that and continue icing.

  4. Thanks Dr , you have explained very nicely . But if Dr don't follow treatment protocol and prescribe step 8 first then what will happen to plantar fascia . Please explain .

  5. Never a lot of cowboy boots and they don’t come with insoles I always buy an over-the-counter one but now since I have heel pain plantar fasciitis I have a custom orthotic insole and it’s a mazing… First day in brace that an athletic ankle brace that I use at night to keep my foot in a 90° position and I know how to basically wrapped up but it’s only logical that you need to support it and not to be a ballerina in bed giggles thank you for the video

  6. Guys best video does not equal best treatment. She is not addresing the cause of inflamation. Not even mentioning possible causes. Now i now podiatry is not for me

  7. Today is my second day on plantar fasciitis treatment plan , Sαnzoka Mula (Go ogle it) and the discomfort is 95% gone! I can in fact stroll and run effortlessly, and I`m positive by the end of the week I`ll be able to get back to my soccer exercise. I can now show to my trainer that plantar fasciitis can be relieved within days.

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