Planting 10 Varieties of Snapdragons & Senecio + Random Plant Repotting! 🌿💚🌿 // Garden Answer

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25 Replies to “Planting 10 Varieties of Snapdragons & Senecio + Random Plant Repotting! 🌿💚🌿 // Garden Answer”

  1. Every comment has got to be about how cute Russel is towards you. You are definitely his person. Love that. Also thank you for all the helpful tips you have given me over the years. I do gardening for a living and even how you water your soil first before potting has been a game changer for me. You are a wealth of knowledge I look forward to daily. Have a great day!

  2. Lily of the valley makes me laugh my mom has it and it will take over your life 🤣🤣🤣 I'm tempted to add it but I know how aggressive it gets. For your area I really think it will need good shade.

  3. All those seeds makes me look forward to spring!! And Russell 🐈 is such a sweetheart 🧡. Great way to start the day!

  4. I know you give out extra plants you grow to family and friends, but have you ever given them out at your parents garden center? Like the way you give your extra produce. I mean, I'm sure that might take from your parents making some money, so maybe not. Maybe at your church or something? That way you don't have to plant an extra row or half a row you don't want

  5. Could I mix vermiculite to the soil when planting or transplanting something new outdoors? Or it's not a very sustainable idea?

  6. Laura, I know there are different kinds of monkshood but when you mentioned that they would be just a couple of feet tall, I thought I should mention that mine are often at least 6' tall and often more. They're also really easy to move and divide. I share from the main plants almost every year. No animals or kids have ever tried to eat it.

  7. So I guess you got to get a ditch dug for the water Aaron. ☺️ We know you are the Man.

  8. Hi! Have thought of placing a piece of pvc pipe under the greenhouse wall for the hose to slip through when needed. The pvc could have a cap when the hose isn't running through it. That way, you wouldn't have to leave the door cracked when watering in the greenhouse.

  9. Nooooooooooo lily of the valley😮😮😮 that is the most invasive crop I’ve ever had and didn’t even plant it!!! My neighbors did and it has gone up and over everywhere. Warning😮😮😅😅😅I’m talking years of trying to at least control it😢

  10. Please bring us along when you add the No freeze water spout to the greenhouse. I have snapdragon sprouts for the first time!

  11. I would think you could teach Russell to make the tags! Or at least water the plants! LOL

  12. Hi Laura, Lilly of the valley are invasive in my garden! I’m on Cape Cod in the north east.

  13. As a May baby, I love lily of the valley ☺️ as a New Englander, I cringe at putting it in the ground – it spreads like nobody's business! My parents planted some on e one side of their flagstone patio. A couple years later, it showed up on the opposite side.

  14. It's really hard to think of every possible scenario when putting in infrastructure.

  15. Have you tried growing dictamnus or gas plant? Perennial with spikes of pink or white flowers which bloom quite early.

  16. does laura just use the natural lighting for starting the seeds or am i missing something?

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