Planting 2023 Container Recipes! 🌿🌸 // Garden Answer

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Misty Seas
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Acapulco Sun
Stratosphere™ White Butterfly Flower Gaura –
Superbells® Coralina Calibrachoa –
Supertunia® Bermuda Beach® Petunia –
Superbena® Peachy Keen Verbena –

Rockin’ Rush
Goldilocks Rocks® Bidens –
Graceful Grasses® ‘Sky Rocket’ Fountain Grass Pennisetum –
Supertunia® Raspberry Rush™ Petunia –
Superbena® Whiteout™ Verbena –

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28 Replies to “Planting 2023 Container Recipes! 🌿🌸 // Garden Answer”

  1. Love them all. Purple group is gorgeous!!! Each group is beautiful. Id love one of each.🐞

  2. You got me into Proven Winners n I spent a lot more money than before!! Haha! I think I just trust you n love to watch your videos. I have limited environment n cant control sunny n shady areas. So results of flower planting are not as good as yours. But still keep buying flowers from PW!!

  3. So pretty, Laura! I am anxious to see how the superbells do with the supertunias! Last year I mixed the two and struggled because of different water needs I believe… so I can’t wait to see how they do 🌸 Also, I have the coral beach supertunia in my wall planters and they are stunning! You’re going to love them. Thank you for sharing these sweet planter combos!

  4. Laura I love how you plunk the flower in the pot….question for you – do you add much extra soil around the annuals? I think sometimes I pack them too firmly. Love your videos! Watch every day as often as I can.

  5. Love, love, love the colour combinations in the containers. Happy Summer to you Laura, Aaron and your sweet family. 🙏🏻😎🙏🏻

  6. Curious, have you ever figured out how much all the flowers, plants, soil, fertilizer, etc., would cost you if they weren't supplied to you free of charge? Every Spring costs me a small fortune… It's unrealistic to think the average population can afford to emulate your yard, hanging baskets, and containers.

  7. 🏵Good morning Laura and family.
    Love the plant colors that you chose can't wait to see them all mature and blooming🌼, you're going to have so many pollinators🐞🐝 in your Gardens, love the massive urns by your dumpster, ( DOES UNIQU STONE DILEVER TO OUR HOME?) As 🏵always thank you for sharing with us, have a great rest of the morning and day to you and your family👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

  8. Good neighbors are irreplaceable!! And I had to laugh…My husband notice “she touches ALL the plants…even in the two tour videos…she touches all the plants!!…”. He’s right…Laura does, and it’s probably she can remember them and their names and needs so well. Love your videos. You do an excellent job on it alI, I don’t know how you DO you do it all, there’s so much to take care of !! Your work ethic is an inspiration!! Keep on keeping on! 💕

  9. “Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow” is waaaaaaaaayyyy shorter and easier to say than “Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Lime Sweet Potato Vine” in my book 😂😂

  10. I know you all are dying to know too, how much are these glorious pots & statues throughout your property?! My jaw hit the floor when I saw your life sized urn by your dumpster!! Unique stone IS stunning, what does that one cost? I can’t find a retailer locally that sells them. Your taste is fabulous!!

  11. All of these annuals are just so beautiful! The vibrant colors are PRETTY!

  12. 🎉 YAY YOU 🎉
    I'm glad you will be having neighbors you already know!
    In times like these, that means a lot for your psyche. Big hugs!

  13. my goodness!!!! they will be georgeous!!! =) I love watching your channel, my mom, granny and daughter have a green thumb without even trying, but oh my goodness your videos are so educational for a novice like me, I believe I can plant and grow it all!!!! Thank you so much for sharing, Much love from Dayton, Texas

  14. Proven winners "Tapien Blue Violet" Verbena is a plant i feel in love with several years ago when i found it at a local garden center. It's leaves are very soft and finely cut (almost exactly like the foliage on the Bidens you just showed) like no other and the drape from a hanging basket is ethereal. The center closed years ago and i never see it any more at any other PW stores. I suggest you try it. You'll fall in love like I did. The pics on the web page do not do it justice.

  15. I am always amazed at you, Laura! You are always spreading your energy to us, always encouraging us to plant beautiful gardens, and, always positive!!! You make us want to play in the dirt and look at the garden as a blank canvas just waiting to burst into color! I have followed you for years and have never heard you say a negative thing………….instead you address that with "just another opportunity"
    The PINK container by the vegetable garden is fabulous, but my favorite is the PURPLE in the wicker pots. Big THANKS to Proven Winners — my favorite!

  16. Oh my, what beautiful and bright colors. I usually like yellow, coral, hot pink, red and orange flowers

  17. Looking back at the moon garden shot of the verbena the moon garden was gorgeous…. maybe you should revisit the moon garden but maybe do it in white with black accent flowers …. maybe in the space where the boxwood triangle is??

  18. I recently planted a bunch of Supertunia Bermuda Beach with blue shades. I love all these combos. Getting great ideas over here!

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