Planting 21 Varieties of Pumpkins & Squash + Foxglove & Thyme! ???????????? // Garden Answer

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Nutmeg creeping thyme
Pink Chintz creating Thyme

Butterscotch Butternut Squash
Honeynut Organic Butternut Squash
Sweet Meat Squash

Flat stacker
Autumn frost
Big Max
Autumn crown
Speckled Hound
Atlantic Giant
Connecticut Fields
Jack be little
Porcelain Doll
Sugar Pie

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26 Replies to “Planting 21 Varieties of Pumpkins & Squash + Foxglove & Thyme! ???????????? // Garden Answer”

  1. WOW WOW WOW! I know you are so generous with giving produce and flowers to family and friends however have you been able to provide the extra produce to food banks? It would be such a blessing to those in need ❤

  2. So nice to see Benjamin out helping mama! Laura, is your tooth still bothering you, I’ve noticed a slight change in the way you have been speaking in the last few videos! I hope you’re fine!!????????

  3. Will you be topdressing the pumpkins with Land & Sea? Or use some other fertilizer?

  4. I am so ready to cut back my bulbs foliage. My hyacinth leaves right now look hideous ????

  5. Benjamin is the cutest! I am curious about what you will be planting in the beds under the trees that face the urns. I'm not sure if I have seen anything planted in those sections behind the begonias. It's all so beautiful and I can't wait for the roses to bloom.

  6. Hi Laura, I love seeing the action in the flower garden you’re doing an amazing job. Question- I got a Proven Winners Black Lace Elderberry last year and cut it all the way back to the ground after a transplant. It’s coming up in it’s new spot beautifully, but it’s mostly all green with a hint of dark on the leaf edges and not the lovely dark purple/black I was hoping for. It gets full sun and I’m zone 6b. Is there anything I can do to help it turn darker? Could something in the soil change the leaf color? Will the leaves darken over time? I’ve seen some in my neighborhood and they are all the dark black color. I’m a bit perplexed as it’s very healthy and shows no sign of issues that I can tell other than color. Thank you for all you do.

  7. Oh how envious this Southern Gardener’s heart is! I only wish I could grow all those squash and pumpkins. Flipping squash bugs absolutely wreck me every year. ????

  8. Hi Laura! Wil you be doing the Mackinaw Island/Proven Winners thing this year? My son planned to buy me tickets for my birthday to the event last year, but he said Proven Winners cancelled?

  9. Hey Laura. Love the new pumpkin garden! Have you thought of making some sort of a new main structure in there, like an Arc or a shed or something to define the new space?????

  10. Hello Laura everything looks great. I appreciate the education that I am getting. I wondered if the plants shock a bit from handling a little rough? I guess not because everything looks great when it is all said and done. ????

  11. Good morning!!! Love those stakes/tags! Would love to know where to find those!

  12. Laura has anyone told you, you are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your home plantings with us. Many blessings my friend

  13. Laura must’ve missed her pumpkin harvest last year as much as I did…

  14. Can you post a link to the hose clamps and clamping tool you use? There are several options out there and I need to find the tried and true clamps especially. Thanks!

  15. Hi Laura, can you mention what size auger you used in this video? You're a pro at drop plopping plants in the holes???? did you use any biotone with the starts and thyme?

  16. I immediately could hear Dracula saying "Easy Igor" (Eeeeegor) from the Monster Mash ❤

  17. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    I so admire your planning and planting – while I am guilty of instant color – you are always teaching us to plan ahead! Thank YOU!!! Seeing how Benjamin has grown….and his thoughts developing is amazing! Farmer Benjamin to the rescue!

  18. Will Aaron keep those weeds in the new field mowed to keep them in control?

  19. Good morning, on a sunny morning as bright as you Laura never stops educating beautiful flower garden plants, Greetings, healthy and successful always ????????????????

  20. It is so precious watching Benjamin helping plant! What memories he is making!

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