Planting 3 Varieties of Hyssop- the Perfect Perennial For Crummy Soil! 🌿💪🙌 // Garden Answer

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11 Replies to “Planting 3 Varieties of Hyssop- the Perfect Perennial For Crummy Soil! 🌿💪🙌 // Garden Answer”

  1. Hello Laura! The weeping blue spruce looks fantastic where you placed it! ALSO…Hyssops are now on my radar and I need them in my garden , STAT! Many thanks to you and Aaron for sharing your gardening knowledge, triumphs, disappointments and your family with all of us. Your joy – in what you're doing – is palpable and contagious!

  2. I think the garden with the gorgeous weeping willow is now my favorite! 💚💙💜

  3. Has Samantha seen that blonde ambition grass? I can picture her wanting handfuls of it too 😅 Also, completely agree with the placement of the blue spruce, just so perfectly situated, giving that space exactly the vertical element, the color and the texture it needed! Def worth the hassle, haha!

  4. Loved the filming at that time of evening with the sun low! The statue looked breathtaking in the sunlight under the willow!

  5. Wondering if u planted the kangaroo paw yet. From an Aussie living in Vancouver CA.

  6. It’s very interesting to see how some plants that you have where I live they are wild plants, beautiful, but they are like weeds, I like them and use them in my gardens but cause they are beautiful but here some people doesn’t appreciate their beauty due to they are so common.

  7. Love following you from Virginia zone 7a!
    I planted Agastache Kudos Yellow about 1 month ago. It was in full bloom and gorgeous. My question is should I dead head it to promote more blooms and is there a method or any helpful hints that I need to know about? Thank you so much Laura!

  8. Laura, I do enjoy your informative videos. It's great to see you develop your space, piece by piece. Well done Laura & Aaron.

  9. Great video. Interesting plant that we probably all need. Thanks for sharing. I love these planting videos

  10. I planted a few blue fortune hyssop back in September in front of a hydrangea thinking it would be a nice lower level since the tag says 24-36” tall 24” wide and my hydrangea is 5-6ft tall… the hyssop are currently 5 feet tall and that’s not counting the blooms which are still only budded up, and 4 feet wide EACH. The only one that has stayed closer to the 3ft range is one I planted in an area of my yard that only gets morning sun until about 1pm. Debating if I dig them up and move them now so I can see the hydrangea again or wait until fall to transplant.

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