Planting 40 Full Sun Shrubs in Our Friend’s Garden! 🌿☀️🥰 // Garden Answer

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11 Replies to “Planting 40 Full Sun Shrubs in Our Friend’s Garden! 🌿☀️🥰 // Garden Answer”

  1. Hard to believe they don't have a drip system in place with all these gardens to water

  2. Cheddar! Felines are hilarious! I love that they feel like they are a part of your projects. 🙂

  3. Was anyone else anxiously calling to Laura to look in the back of the truck to check for the kitty that went in to hide?

  4. Incrediball does not cut it in my 4A yard. Wilting to a crisp is an accurate description. These were sold to me as a full sun shrub. Despite compost, starter fertilizer and drip irrigation running they still can’t handle the sun. Clearly they need a break from the sun for a few hours. After 22 attempts I’m back to relying on Annabelle and Limelight.

  5. Going to be Gorgeous can’t wait to see it in years to come, love y’all work, I wish you could come to my home lol
    Y’all have a great day 😍

  6. Oh my , mr mustad beware I planted 2 in my garden and a few years later I was cutting out 6 ‘ long runners that had gone under my path . I found it very invasive in my garden . Had I known I may have planted in a big pot in the ground .

  7. Your magic is working on your friends gardens and the garden is looking great! Am I missing irrigation in the gardens? I am so accustomed to seeing the water lines – how are they keeping the plants alive?

  8. Oh this New Homes Yard is so very beautiful. Is would be wonderful to have GOOD FRIENDS alike Laura and Aaron to Help With my YARD AS WELL. U guys are so great to help them and the other local places in town. God Bless u for Blessing them. U make everything look Absolutely look Gorgeous.
    Could u give me advice on fertilizer for my Hydrangeas, please.

  9. I'm confused why you often say perennials are alot of work. I thought that was the beauty of perennials, they just die back in the fall and come back in the spring. What makes them take effort? Thanks.

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