Planting 6 Containers for Summer! ☀️???????? // Garden Answer

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22 Replies to “Planting 6 Containers for Summer! ☀️???????? // Garden Answer”

  1. Hmmm…was hoping for a sneak albeit brief peek at Benny’s crew at work…

  2. You inspire me Laura!! I live in Colorado and finally I can start planting!! Yayy!! Thank you so much!! You're amazing!!

  3. Awe yay! I am in Colorado and just bought some flowers to plant up a couple containers. It's getting to be that time of year! Garden centers are full of pretty stuff!

  4. WooHoo It's finally here. For my gardener friends and me too. 50 to 60 degree nights from here on out until fall. WooHoo!!

  5. Any tips on moving sedum? I planted mine and then the birds planted a non-fruiting mulberry tree so it is now in full shade. Last year it completely flopped, but over the years it had multiplied so I have about 5 that need moved.

  6. I really enjoy the containers and urns that you plant-gives me great ideas for mine.

  7. What a lovely morning! Everything is looking beautiful! Good idea with the pots without drain holes. I love all the color combinations and the tulips anf daffodils! Magical!

  8. FYI Laura, drip supply 1/4" tubing I have located during my landscaping career: white, beige(great over cement) and brick orange in addition to brown and black. As one of my mentors would say.. hide the mechanics ????

  9. Laura, you keep me inspired to try new plants and combinations. Tried the Bubblegum supertunia vistas last summer in the 4 entrance gardens to our sub. The were amazing! Thank you . Yea Aaron! Loved the hay racks you had so much. Can’t wait to see the new project. ❤

  10. your videos have inspired me to add some beautiful annuals to containers. i never knew you could mix different things together this way. so exciting to be learning from you. i have always loved beautiful landscaping but have the very opposite of a green thumb….LOL….love that you are sharing your knowledge with us. thank you <3

  11. I am so glad you are back to supertunias this year…no sweet patato vines though?

  12. I just had a thought when you were in your raised bed veg garden! Since you love the copper top raised bed caps that you installed at your sister-in-laws house, I bet you Paul could form copper tops/seam covers about 4” thick or so, so that your 45° angle cuts on the wood don’t show anymore. It’d look great new and when it weathers!! The seams would just be copper angle pieces and the corner tops could be whichever shape floats your fancy. Round, pyramidal, flat, etc.

    Romance the ordinary 🙂

  13. Did you get these all at your parents garden center? My local nursery has yet to have any petunias or a good proven winners shipment and I’m so confused on when to shop.

  14. Wouldn't it be great to vote on a plant collection for all the hay racks.

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