Planting a Bunch of Perennials & a Few Dahlias! 😁💜🌿 // Garden Answer

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Dahlias: Rock Star, Cafe au Lait, Patches
‘Burgundy Glow’ Ajuga –
‘Peachie’s Pick’ Stokesia –
‘Hummelo’ Betony –
Roman Chamomile
‘Victor Reiter’ Armeria –
Moneywart –
‘Royal Velvet Distinction’ Melittis –
‘Sugarplum’ Foxglove –

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19 Replies to “Planting a Bunch of Perennials & a Few Dahlias! 😁💜🌿 // Garden Answer”

  1. Great groundcover for you to try: phlox stolonifera! Beautiful single phlox flower on 6-8" stems in May above ground hugging small green leaves. Likes part shade/part sun. Will spread aggressively if happy. I'm in zone 5b MA. I also have it in sun, but it doesn't flower ad well in full sun. And it's a US native.
    Betony is a great plant too.

  2. Wow the rose and purple flower combo is beautiful. Do you ever get spiked by an thorns when your walking through? Or is it thornless? I don't even know if thats a thing.

  3. Laura: Ew, my finger just went right into that! Grrrroooss!
    Also Laura: let’s pull it apart and see what’s in here 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Laura, NEVER think we get bored watching you planting, even if I noticed that Espoma now adds Biotone to their “tone” fertilizers and I didn’t notice an increase in cost. It makes it easy to start plants off and keep them going for the season.

  5. Some of My ground cover takes over and chokes out my gorgeous flowers… any help you can give to controlling that besides trimming back or pulling out?

  6. Thank you for reminding us of the plant names where the "new additions" are being placed. When shopping at my local garden center, it is exciting to recognize a plant and have some understanding of its growth habit, beautiful flowers or unique foliage. 🌺

  7. Coming across a spider’s egg sac:

    Laura: Let’s take a look inside (TOUCHES IT!)

    Me: (Grabs a flamethrower)

  8. Laura, I just love your videos, and watch them nightly! I find you informative and calming after a long day on working from home. Thanks to you, I have purchased several types of Epsoma soil conditioner products. Can’t wait to use Biotone, and appreciate learning today that I can work it into soil if I don’t put it in the hole when planting.

    I live in zone 10a and while I work full-time, I take care of 3 gardens, including a community theatre garden, and add a 4th garden when time permits. I’m 5’4” like you so would like to get what you use. Please tell me about augers.I want to buy a battery- operated auger and use it for plants in 4 inch and 1 gallon containers. I don’t have any power tools and anticipate buying a brand where I can interchange batteries. Keep up the great work! Best wishes to you, Aaron, and your family!

  9. Avid ajuga fan here! Just some advice, I would leave them long so they will root in and spread even faster. So excited to see your garden grow ❤️

  10. Hi Laura, I love your Collette Roses too! Will these bloom all through summer? I have Zephrine Drouhin Roses that bloomed this spring but haven’t bloomed since. I read on line that the Zephrines are a continual bloomer. Do you agree? Thank you 🙂

  11. I was wondering why you didn't put the biotone 🤔 that happened to me the other day 😕

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