Planting A Bunch of Tomatoes, Peppers & Basil in Raised Beds/ Row Crops! ????????????️ // Garden Answer

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24 Replies to “Planting A Bunch of Tomatoes, Peppers & Basil in Raised Beds/ Row Crops! ????????????️ // Garden Answer”

  1. I got carried away at the garden center, surprise surprise! lol in regular soil you can put crushed egg shells in planting hole with tomatoes and peppers to help with blossom end rot, and or water plants with cooled water from where you boil eggs. not sure this would help with high ph soil though, but worth a try. i just save my eggshells in a ziploc bag in freezer all year and crush them when i put into bag and have plenty when i start planting.

  2. You are just so inspiring to us with your beautiful gardens and your growing vegs and fruit.. And giving us lots of great advice on everything you are growing. So thank you today Laura for a great advice.

  3. Thank you so much for this! New gardener here???? Trying to learn and take in all the info I can get! Your videos are so helpful!! Have a blessed day❤

  4. I love the flash backs to the past year. Helps visualize the space but also exciting to see what it was like. Thanks for including that.

  5. You are always so informative,I am surprised.Loved watching this video.

  6. Laura, I live in South Jordan Utah and you are exactly right about how calcium can't be easily released from the soil and used by tomatoes, peppers and I am even thinking potatoes, since they are in the same family. Calcium has to be added. When I did that last year, I had no blossom end rot like all the previous years. I am pretty much an organic gardner and have chickens. I started saving the shells and after drying, I blend them in a high speed blender, which turns them into powder. I add about a half cup to the soil in each plant. It works! Thanks for the tremendous information you provide. I also have a Heartly Botanical plant house that was put in last summer. Its been so much fun. We put geothermal under the plant house and it really works to keep things more temperate all year. I have been watching your shows for at least a year. Great work to you and Aaron!

  7. I love your veggie garden Laura !! Ever thought of raising those raised beds another level so you don't have to bend as much..

  8. Hello! I was just wondering, you always say that you will give away the crops that you plant extra of. Where do you donate? Churches? Food banks? Friends? Do you partner with a specific organization?

  9. My favorite tomato sauce which I have grown and “seal a mealed “ many moons included Marzano, Roma, heirloom, celebrity, and sun gold tomatoes, shallots, garlic, Nardello sweet red peppers, with additional bells and a teeny addition of a poblano or pepperoni I. Roasted with drizzled olive oil . I add the fresh basil and herbs after the roast process and immerse.

  10. Can not wait to see how the new land produces. Every area is different as far as being in the same area! I didn’t think you would be growing so much this year as you had mentioned in a previous video only growing enough for your family and relatives and friends???
    I did not know that those tomato cages were plastic???? How long have you used yours???
    Just curious as to how long they may actually last. Thank you for your everyday informative videos, I have learned so much from watching and always reference if I need help with something! ????

  11. Always so interesting watching you prep the land an then the planting I learn so much it's a joy to watch the produce of your hard work.

  12. I love your videos. Will you please share of where you get your drip lines and supplies. Also, where did you get your plant auger? Thanks in advance for all your help!

  13. I sure learned a lot with this video!! Great video! Question – when will the weeds in the new field get burnt? Around the area of the plantings

  14. Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and basil! It can’t get any better than that! I’m going to have to do some research on how many emitters you can run at a time. I know I overdid it and have to reconfigure the zones in my garden. It may be time to switch to drip tape! Thanks again for all your hard work, inspiration, and all you do!

  15. Very thorough information. And timely as we’re 2- 3 weeks behind you so it gives time to plan. Again, thanks so much for what you do.

  16. Hi Laura,
    How do you manage pests with your tomatoes and peppers? Last year tons of cabbage worms/loopers ate all my tomato and pepper plants. It took forever to get rid of them by handpicking them. I gave up at the end. Any ppl at companion suggestions? Thank you…love your channel❤

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