Planting a Japanese Maple in a Pot (+ Tips on Growing Trees in Containers)! 💚🌳💚 // Garden Answer

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19 Replies to “Planting a Japanese Maple in a Pot (+ Tips on Growing Trees in Containers)! 💚🌳💚 // Garden Answer”

  1. No Christmas tree in a pot, but I've not yet managed to get my lights down off the house yet 🙂 Douglas is so cute. Love all the kitties!

  2. A chartreuse Japanese maple would be great in that spot. Claus Dalby uses lots of chartreuse. It goes with EVERYTHING!!!

  3. You are so not the only one Laura! I still have two arborvitae‘s in pots on my front porch, because, “life”. 😂❤️

  4. I'm curious what happened to the red Japanese Maple that was previously in a pot in that spot?

  5. Beautiful combination. Love the heuchera, it will be tough to have to wait till next year. Always wanted a Japanese Maple but too expensive here.
    You can always say "trellis work" and not have to worry about the plural!

  6. Thank you for explaining putting trees in containers. It was very helpful as I have been wait g to try it

  7. I’ve been looking for diamond snow because diamond frost gets quite large for me. I should try it in shade and maybe it won’t be such a pot hog! Love the heuchera, it looks like frilly lettuce.

  8. how long will that size of tree enjoy being in that size of pot please ?…I adore acers ❤

  9. I have learned so much from you about the color and texture contrasts in plant combinations. Now I have added hostas that I had never considered. I just used to pick anything that I liked and didn't venture out further. Thanks for the detail and attention you give to planning these combinations. I love that Benjamin is so helpful.

  10. Your Hellebores are gorgeous. The spouse "over loved" mine and they flopped. Is there any hope for them?

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