Planting a Lawn in the Greenhouse for the Kids! 🥰🌾💚 // Garden Answer

Planting a Lawn in the Greenhouse for the Kids! 🥰🌾💚

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25 Replies to “Planting a Lawn in the Greenhouse for the Kids! 🥰🌾💚 // Garden Answer”

  1. Chicken tortilla soup is incredible. I don't know why I lived most of my life without it. That greenhouse is going be so fun this winter and the flowers planted up, backing it, will be pretty.

  2. What a great idea! I don’t think I would be patient enough to wait for the seed to sprout; definitely would have added a roll of sod 🤦‍♀️❤

  3. Those tables look like "forts" or "houses" to me! A couple of tarps and some battery operated lights and each of the kids would have their own place looking out on "The Green".

  4. I think that greenhouse should be full of plants being save from the winter for the next year, that way you have even more plants to cover even more space and they will be stronger or bigger, like begonias for example

  5. Oh my all that extra gardening work which we don’t do here : like putting things away for winter and storing tubers ; bulbs covering over for winter protection I’m so great full for my climate here , we leave a lot in the ground and just prepare for the coming spring🧤👒😎thank you so much for this video Laura I do enjoy your gardening tips and love to see what your preps are for your seasons 😍🌊🐳🦇🐨🦘🇦🇺Karen ☺️ in Port Macquarie NSW Australia

  6. This is so ingenious. Such a fun experiment and special treat for Benjamin and Samantha. You guys are the greatest parents.

  7. I love how you’re embracing volunteer plants in your greenhouse floor. I think I remember you putting a lot of time and effort into preventing this from happening after you first built it. Lol. Embracing the messiness of life is good for the soul.

  8. I vote for the pool, maybe a small steel stock tank. It will be one of those stories both Benjamin and Samantha Grace will tell as adults, how their parents grew a lawn and had a pool in the greenhouse, so that they could have grass and swim in the winter.

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