Planting a Succulent Head Planter! ??? // Garden Answer

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30 Replies to “Planting a Succulent Head Planter! ??? // Garden Answer”

  1. I love your confidence when you plant. It’s contagious! Thanks for letting us hear your thought process as you work. It’s really helpful.

  2. So pretty! I sent this video to one of my daughters who has this planter and also a friend who LOVES succulents! Can’t wait to see what they do!

  3. Good morning, all! ☼ I'd like to do a succulent wall art project along my dinning room table this year. Do you have any recommendations on where to buy succulents in bulk? Thank you ♪

  4. So pretty. I have my eye on two kissy face planyers, I keep waiting for them to ho on sale though hehe.

  5. so impressive! you created a beautiful work of art here! thanks for sharing and teaching about succulents!

  6. Well-l, all changed here as you were unpacking the many succulents & cacti as I was reminded of the ones I had YEARS ago. I am now the proud mama of 5 little babies. They were potted in their new home yesterday. In truth, I have been rather nervous as they are so cute & I don't want to harm/kill them. Thank you for sharing & giving confidence in my new adventure. Your lady is so beautiful! ?

  7. I think it's beautiful!! Putting it in the Hartley is a great idea. Looks classy.

  8. I've never been a fan of head planters, but you have changed my mind! Love how this turned out and what a wonderful spot to put her in. The whole arrangement there looks like it should be in a picture or magazine.

  9. I’ve never known what to do with this type of planter. This is great inspiration for a new spring idea to give my home a fresh feeling. Thanks Laura for your ideas and knowledge of plants. ?

  10. This is one of those projects that makes Garden Answer so special….just wonderful idea, execution, and finishing touch with the perfect music video at the end…..bravi!

  11. HI I wished I could have whisper in your ear when you used a paper towel in your hear planter. For over 50 year I've been using peices of landscape fabrin in all my pots. NO bugs go in and the potting soil doesn't fall out. Whin I first bough landscape fabric it was nonwoven but more like felt. When you buy the good stuff in last more than 20 years. There are some advantages to being 73 years and still gardening daily! Take care!!

  12. Love this! These head vases are perfect for such an arrangement. Well done!

  13. I have this planter and have been stuck on how to fill it. LOVE your creation and ideas! Thank you for the inspiration!

  14. Everyone I know:
    Laura 5:08
    Perhaps it's a regional thing? I had to do a double take with the extra syllable. Like, wait, is that the same thing? Gorgeous arrangement. Thanks to your recent unboxing video our kids and I have now added succulents to our list of interests and gardening experiments.

  15. I love this so much! I have heads too and am inspired by watching this!❤️

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