Planting Alliums & Tulips in the Garden! 🌷💚🥰 // Garden Answer

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17 Replies to “Planting Alliums & Tulips in the Garden! 🌷💚🥰 // Garden Answer”

  1. Watching you work around some cement pieces today, I had a thought…Have you considered putting statuary of the four seasons in the center of each of the spots behind the Hartley? I seem to remember your parents having some that you like. I’m not a big statue fan typically, but with four neighboring areas, that might be nice.

  2. I love the combination of tulips you planted! Can hardly wait till Spring time! Hey laura have you and Aaron considered take a small portion of the newest property to plant a few future Christmas trees with Benjamin and Samantha Grace. I think that wold be an awesome thing for them to experience.

  3. The tulips and alliums will look beautiful! What was up with all of the green leaves under the tree by the pasture? Does it normally drop green leaves? I forgot what type of three that is.

  4. The tulips would look great in all your cold frames in the Hartley and you could pull them to have longer stems for doing arrangements 😉❤💐

  5. I wonder, when it's suggested you use your property for weddings, tours, flower cutting, etc., If it's realized that you would need to provide restroom facilities . . porta-potties. I'm sure you wouldn't want the public using your house bathrooms.😁

  6. Yes! Tulips & peonies are great additions to cut flower gardens! Always enjoy watching what you guys are up to next 🥰

  7. I think it's LInda Vater – she doesn't use any fert with her Tulips – says they have all they need in their bulb. Interesting. Money saver too.

  8. I'm thinking, when you no longer want the trees lining the new property after you buy the horse pasture property you'd just get that guy with the big tree planting machine to move them…. simple x 🌹❤️🐞🙏🇦🇺🐞❤️🌹🌼🕊️

  9. You are such an inspiration to me. I just finished my bulb planting this morning — just a small fraction of what you do but it feels great to have it done. Looking forward to seeing the pretty flowers in spring!

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