Planting Begonias & Impatiens! 🌿💚🌸 // Garden Answer

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28 Replies to “Planting Begonias & Impatiens! 🌿💚🌸 // Garden Answer”

  1. Thanks for everything that you guys do! My garden has never looked better! Also my kids have named our orange cat Cheddar after your Cheddar.

  2. I wish you good luck with the Sunpatiens. They do not withstand central Florida afternoon sun, at least not for me. While your period of intense sun is hotter than ours, it doesn’t last as long and that might help you.

  3. I got a dewalt, same as your, and power planter auger, and a handle…what I can't figure out is how to attach that handle, and, my auger kept falling out?!
    Can you please do a video tutorial on how to do all that🙏❤

  4. Looks like Ms. Laura went to her favorite coffee shop this day. Go Laura! Go!

  5. Gorgeous! I think the west side garden is one of my favorites of your gardens. Looking forward to your tours this year.

  6. I am so envious!! Next week the temps are expected to be over 100 F 🥵 !!

  7. love the Surefire Rose Begonia's they are so beautiful. Have a great mother's Day tomorrow.

  8. I can't find any videos of the thousands of tulips in the Orchard area? Did I miss it or aren't they up yet. I've been waiting for months, I hope you've filmed it for us.

  9. Beautiful plants. I know you are enjoying planting those beautiful ares surrounding your home. I really look forward to seeing all these plants grow into a beautiful splendor of color. Enjoy you so much. Pat in NC

  10. if those sunpatiens don't work, maybe heucheras that take sun and shade! 🙃🌼💐🌷

  11. To be able to handle sun & part shade is a plus for the garden. I love the color of the begonias! Its going to look fabulous.

  12. I love that you are figuring out ways to save your back and body. You will really appreciate that as you get older. I love your videos so much.

  13. I just planted Sunpatiens for the first time. My garden is mostly shaded but I like in the Okanagan so summers are hot and dry. I'm hoping they will do well. I hope you will show us how they fare over the season. Thanks for the great information.

  14. Laura I have recently discovered your channel and am really enjoying it. How do you control the weeds in all those areas?😬

  15. @GardenAnswer I just watched your Zinnia video for the fourth time – and now I am planting mine:) For your 100 degree climate, how long are you running your drip line? Just curious since we are VERY similar in climate and soil type.I have the 1 GPH drip line but I am worried about not running it long enough.

  16. I was hoping to scan the whole hood when is the next drone footage ? So beautiful you must be so proud.

  17. I've got the itch to plant flowers but can't just yet here in my 6a area. Watching your videos are helping me get prepped for planting in a few weeks.

  18. Happy Mother's Day, Laura, and all our Gardening Family 👩‍🌾👍

  19. Do you ever feel concerned about disturbing young tree roots as you use the auger to plant annuals under trees?

  20. I finally had to choose not to have statues that are controversial in light of faith. Love the flowers.

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