Planting Fall Crops (+ A Few More Warm Season Crops)! 它 // Garden Answer

Planting Fall Crops (+ A Few More Warm Season Crops)! 它

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16 Replies to “Planting Fall Crops (+ A Few More Warm Season Crops)! 它 // Garden Answer”

  1. One of the many reasons that I love watching your channel Laura, is the way you improvise to keep things simple. IE: using a hose to water inside plantings because watering cans were out of place. Your LACK of drama is inspiring.

  2. FALL! where does the time go? So excited to see fall color though (always) but for now, Ill just take each day as it comes

  3. Man L just looking at your property and all the stuff you have to do i dont have 3/4 of what you have and find it hard to keep up with the weeds. I swear i wish my grass and flower would grow fast like those damn weeds. I dont understand why my house weeds grow so fast but my neighbors who never does anything never have weeds it makes me so mad t times

  4. Just a heads up warning. I find as time goes on, I drop things that I never dropped before.
    One day, those two trays are going down奸ol.
    As a matter of fact, I often drop heavy things on my bare feet and have lost my toenail twice奸eft and right.
    Thank God they grow back. It takes 9 months just like a baby.

  5. Everytime I see those white cabbage butterflies I think Benjamin needs a butterfly net so you and him can spend and evening getting rid of them. Fun with the kids and less having to spray for the worms they produce.

  6. Your love for planting/growing cabbages is rubbing onto me! Love the way they grow along side garden borders and beautifully mixed in with flowers!

  7. Good morning GA! For the ones in other places, good afternoon, good evening and good night! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Another productive day in the garden for Laura!!!!

  8. It feels like you just put in your summer crops!! Please give our love to your mom from Perth, Australia.

  9. Looks amazing! As always! Was just wondering what do you do with the cabbage? Do you make sauerkraut, coleslaw, cabbage rolls? Just curious how you use all that you keep.

  10. I have those same burgandy beans that I've tried twice this year to grow. They come up super fast but if I just gently touch them they topple over and die. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Regardless, I got my sugar snap peas in the ground yesterday and now plan on planting basil and parsley once the temps cool off this evening.

  11. My gosh Laura when you were amending the soil and as you were spreading Biotone, i cant help but notice the amount of insects crawling on the soil. Proof that you have enriched them so well. Good job. Your videos are my nightly relaxation while drinking my evening coffee. Cheers from the Philippines! 弘

  12. You are doing very well in your garden , Enjoy watching the planting process . Tq so much for the video & also learning so much from you 休休休

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