Planting Flower Seedlings & Harvesting Spring Crops! 🌸🥕😁 // Garden Answer

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29 Replies to “Planting Flower Seedlings & Harvesting Spring Crops! 🌸🥕😁 // Garden Answer”

  1. Don’t know if it’s just me but I don’t ever hear anything else in the background when Laura mentions it. Don’t hear machinery, don’t hear the aeroplanes, don’t hear houses being built, and don’t hear the cats fight 😂 So all good here Laura 😊

  2. I'm laughing as you say "where's my shovel" and pull out that little guy. We're on rock so when we go to plant it's "where's the jack hammer?"

  3. I was sure Laura will end up with 3 legged carrots when she seeded those, cos if we put carrots in our greenhouse heat or no heat we have mutants(too fluffy and too rich soil, says dad), and here is she with perfect carrots :))

  4. Haha! Laura says “ I think we will let the grass grow up to the flower shed and not really plant anything around it!” When has THAT ever happened? Thanks for the giggle

  5. Like Aaron, I am a grass and tree person, and though I know you guys are very busy, I am hopeful that you make a video specifically on doing the grass area around the South Garden, maybe on the Highlights channel? I'm very curious about the process since you have the dark brown mulch down already. I just can't wait to see the South Garden when all the grass is finally planted! It's one of those things that makes such a profound difference in the appearance of the full garden. I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait!😄 I was just curious why you didn't do it when you did the inner and outer circle? Is it harder to do large areas at a time? Was that just logistics and time? I'm learning so much and wonder if it's something you'll be doing this year? You guys are AWESOME! I'm enjoying all that I learn so, so much! Thank you for the joy and entertainment you bring whilst teaching us how to love our own gardens more and more! ~ Sun☀

  6. You guys should get a bunch of prairie dropseed plugs for the meadow area. I feel like that would work very well, and it's so pretty and soft, but also not super tall, so you could get in there and harvest when you need to.

  7. Could you explain what a pollinated ear of corn looks like compared to an unpollinated one?

  8. Did you do a video when you planted the Arborvitae along the back fence along by the new build in your cut flower garden? I don’t remember you planting those. Everything looks so do you keep up? 💓

  9. I think u r one of the most amazing gardeners ever. So much insight. Your beautiful gardens sure bring envy to many including me lol absolutely love the way u look after it. Im definitely more into gardening right now. Mainly focused on my ongrowing roses…. checking for disease and so on 🙂

  10. Lol……I would so not be sharing even the small carrots and beets with the chickens……..we would eat them all! 😍

  11. You need two kneelers so you can rotate them down the line. Saves on getting up and down.

  12. Do you have well water that you use for watering your plants and do you get it tested ever

  13. Been planting, came inside to rest and watch Laura kick some butt when planting her flowers. Heading back out to do some more 🌻🌸🌺

  14. Hi guys, I have a question for Aaron. What size JD mower are you using in this vidio? I currently use an X380 and really could use a bigger one.

  15. I’m always amazed at what I pick up from your videos! We have hard water here in Phoenix Arizona – I just realized from your videos how much hard water marks I have on my plants from watering overhead. From now on, it’s watering under the leaves for me!
    Those beets and carrots 🥕 look scrumptious. I got some at the store and they were awful. I always get the bunches that still have the stalks on them – my cat loved munching on the green leaves. 😋
    Thanks for all the great info – enjoy your day!

  16. If you have had trouble with cold, in 8b Central Texas, the problem is heat. It is not yet summer and we are in the high 90s. Small plants pout and have hissy fits unless they are watered every day until their roots are settled and fat. Snapdragons die if they don't have shade. Never boring in the garden.

  17. Cut a corn tassel and rub it all over the silk of the ear for great pollination. One tassel could do it all. Do it like once a day.

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