Planting New Varieties of Monarda/Phlox in the RAIN! 💦 + Amaranth Seeds! 🌿💚🌸

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14 Replies to “Planting New Varieties of Monarda/Phlox in the RAIN! 💦 + Amaranth Seeds! 🌿💚🌸”

  1. Laura is so proper… wouldn't even say the name of one of the plants from Little Prince, just shows us the tag 😂😉😊

  2. I love these flowers! But I can’t grow them. I have baby rabbits, adults rabbits, groundhogs that are to smart and remove the small cages that are around these type of flowers, they eat my clematis and other flowers that are rabbits resistant, I am losing the war against these rabbits and groundhogs 😩 It make me depressed… .

  3. I spy hydrangeas at 12:41! I hope for some kind of project. Did we ever see an update on the potted hydrangeas from last year (or was it the year before that?)

  4. Oh my gosh! Stabbed me in the heart when you said mint in flower bed. So embarrassing. Yes i did that last year. Rooooooookie here. 😂

  5. The RAIN!!!!!! I want to watch that any time I feel down now, that was the most beautiful white noise and calm scenery ever! Laura do you ever save your own seeds for the new plants you start from seed? If so would you keep the seed envelopes so its easier for you or is not every single plant able to produce seeds the first year? I don't know enough so thought I would ask! Beautiful video to distract us from all that is going on in the world, so grateful for your work!

  6. Hi Laura, it was great to see two plants that I have in my subtropical garden. The snail vine and abutilon. The snail vines is beautiful when in flowers, even here it’s not a vigorous vine but loves to climb over its trellis. The abutilon is in a pot and grows in a weeping fashion, although there are many varieties and sizes. I can’t wait to see how yours do. Cheers Bronwyn 🇦🇺

  7. This video reminded me of when I planted my tulip bulbs last fall! It started raining and I was determined to get them in the ground. I was thinking the neighbors probably think I am crazy 🤪! Seeing you do something similar made me feel so much better! Oh, and it was so worth it when the tulips came up this spring!

  8. Thank you Aaron for the panning shots of the garden in the rain! Everything looks gorgeous. I’m going to have to get me some of those phlox.

  9. Do you have any idea on how old that willow is right outside the green house? I am planting some "mail order" willows this spring, (so tiny) and trying to figure out when I'll have a beautiful tree like yours!

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