Planting Our Big Pots with Annuals for Full Sun! ????☀️???? // Garden Answer

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10 Replies to “Planting Our Big Pots with Annuals for Full Sun! ????☀️???? // Garden Answer”

  1. I like the 2021 pots, when you tried the salvia. At the end of the season the big round pink balls made a huge impact

  2. I love these rare looking back videos. I just wish you guys did them more often.

  3. Alright, Aaron, I am ready to see the hayracks and where you guys decide to put them. Bring on the color????

  4. Love the combination Laura! I switched it up a bit and planted a red geranium and a coleus with supertunia Bordeaux and purple fountain grass. Looking forward to seeing your containers ????

  5. The first year I discovered your channel, it was Christmas and you and Aaron planted all the urns with greens. I was hooked from that moment on! These urns are going to be beautiful. It’s a tremendous amount of work, but I would love to see the urns planted at Christmas again????

  6. Who thinks that Aaron should be planting the hayracks and choose the plants too? Good morning everyone! Laura, those plants are my favorite color…. the purples! They are going to be glorious! Laura, let Aaron do that hayracks since he wanted them back! It would be so much fun! His knowledge and taste evolved, don't you think?

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