Planting Simple Fall Containers & Ton of Hellebores! ??? // Garden Answer

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18 Replies to “Planting Simple Fall Containers & Ton of Hellebores! ??? // Garden Answer”

  1. Laura, you mentioned that when you first plant something, (like your helleborus), you check them for the first few days. Do you feel the soil? Do you dig a little to see if the drip is dripping?

  2. I love the flowers of hellebores but the leaves on mine always fall over by end of summer and start browning. Is that normal? Zone 6b Pennsylvania

  3. Oh my gosh!!! I love watching you do projects because you’re just a whirlwind… I realize it’s on fast motion, but how long did that take you to plant those hellebore? It’s so funny because it looks like the dirt is magnetized and the plants just zip right into the holes you dug!! Once again… Thank you so much for everything you share. I just love your positivity and wealth of information. I am really thankful for your videos.

  4. I always get inspired when I watch your video, you are so good in trimming those boxwoods.

  5. Interesting how different regions have different growing styles. In Nor Cal we could never find 4" helibores and never ever do we see four packs. Calls for nursery search road trip!!!

  6. I was just thinking “I can’t believe she didn’t transplant hosta” and the you said they may come out! My husband argues with my that plants can’t be transplanted. And my reply is “yes they can – Laura does it all. the. time!”

  7. Lovely planters, beautiful hellebores!!! Where did you find hellebore plugs? I love them, but usually they are pricey for large plants. You are an encouragement, thank you!!

  8. Hey! Just wanting to be nosy about Aaron and his Dad's birthday trip and if they had a good time. I hope everything went well. 🙂

  9. I got an autum joy last year in the fall it had about 3 large trunks out of the base. this year. that one plant I swear tripled or more in size now this fall its huge and beautiful. I love it so much the colour is amazing, Im in zone 3b and i was shocked at how well it grew here.

  10. Oh, I had to laugh Laura! I just watched an older video where you ate the first olive from your tree ? I’ve done that myself and I know just how bitter they are. I couldn’t help but laugh as you bit it. We won’t do that again will we ?

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