Planting the Entrance Beds at Our Local Community College! 🥰🌸💚 // Garden Answer

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23 Replies to “Planting the Entrance Beds at Our Local Community College! 🥰🌸💚 // Garden Answer”

  1. Wao amazing. Thanks for sharing dear Friend stay connected dear good job big like from always happy baby channel thanks keep it up dear your new friend always happy baby channel thanks keep it up dear your new friend

  2. hi laura! i have learned so much in a short time from watching you. i need some bio-tone. my new home will look great thanks to your advice on so much. xoxo

  3. Did you fix the drip on the same day you did the planting? Does the grounds people do the mulch?…. You tell them what kind to get as part of your design?

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  5. Wondering why you only plant annuals at the college? More color show? College’s preference? Would it be too much with pruning, etc., to use limelight hydrangeas to save on yearly cost and planting time? Looks beautiful!

  6. Oh gosh I love watching these naked beds come to full maturity! It always gives me hope and inspiration. Gotta get out there and start planting!❤❤

  7. Question: Does the college have a horticultural gardening course? It would be cool for students to have a hand in the planting, sort of advertising horticultural studies while at the same time learning from you and Aaron and helping with planting and overall maintenance

  8. Its beautiful! Great job as always Laura! I look forward to seeing it grow and become a large gorgeous display of color!

  9. Well she is working Saturday so she wanted to show us if she was with family that’s her day thanks

  10. Amy was in the Video, but very good at hiding her face. 😂😂😂

  11. Thank you for posting. Looks beautiful as always. I wish I had you coming here!

  12. Wow, eye popping result last year! Can’t wait to see this year’s results. BUT, how much would you guess the cost is for all those plants!? Thats a ton of plants. Nice video. Good that you had help.🙏

  13. Laura, when I started watching you it seemed like you were always "squeezing" just 1 more in. That 1 plant per pot challenge from last year seems to have really shifted your mindset a little bit! Very cool!

  14. Glad to see teams coming together! I'm sure you are taking a load of work off Rosa and the crew there, but I'm sure it also helps them that you are able to catch drip issues as you plant!

  15. Only Laura can have a face full for dirt and still look beautiful. Thanks for sharing this project with us.

  16. I loved how you used the orange of the cannas with the purple of the salvia to match the school colors.

  17. I just can’t wear black shirts when I work in the sun…makes it feel 10 degrees hotter.

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