Planting Two Evergreens & Flower Seedlings! 🌲🌸🌿 // Garden Answer

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29 Replies to “Planting Two Evergreens & Flower Seedlings! 🌲🌸🌿 // Garden Answer”

  1. Russell and Cheddar are the PICS (plant inspector cats) haha. Your land is looking amazing 🤩. Love your channel and family. 🌶❤️🌶 love from NM

  2. I loved the spring grove arborvitaes. When looked up they look different in pictures. Do they have different kinds?

  3. How is the maze doing? Florida Hibiscus is my favorite flower. Beautiful selection of evergreens.

  4. And how would you create that visual division on your flower beds? Bushes?

  5. Can I tell you how much i prefer the video without music? I never knew i would!! After hearing about the issue in the weekly recap video i was curious see how it would sound but it's so soothing as if i was sitting right there with you. Almost ASMR. Please continue this since I'm sure it's much easier for editing purposes. So peaceful and relaxing.

  6. I never realized that certain evergreens had such architectural growth habits, I really love them, unfortunately I have found that our West facing, Zone 9b front yard is very harsh on evergreens😔 I am so excited to see you planting Zinnas, I've been wanting to purchase and plant some more but figured it was too late but our growing season also goes through October..🌿

  7. Love when things work out space wise! I was wondering if you ever planted mums? I remember my grandfather had them in his garden and I am guessing they came back every year because he had LONG rows of them. Take care & thank you so much for your videos. Loved your wreath video with your sweet mother!

  8. Morning all. Wow! What a difference a year makes! You and Aaron have done an Ah-MAZING job with everything! You are great stewards of your property. Everything is Beautiful! Well Done. xo

  9. Laura I feel your pain of gardening in humidity,it’s awful but we do it anyway ,lol .I can’t believe the garden you have created just last year there was practically nothing there .Gorgeous,humidity and all !🌸🪴🌸

  10. Looking at the clean sharp edges of your green grass pathways in the South garden, does that grass NOT put out runners?

  11. That blue evergreen is awesome Laura.its interesting how you guys are now moving towards winters with almost no gardening and we here are excited for our winter as we get majority of our flowers and veggies in winters.What about a beautiful flower arrangement Laura.we haven't seen enough this year in that department.Love Garden Answer.always.

  12. Speaking of whimsical, hows the kids garden maze coming a long? Your gardening skills are amazing! Thanks for taking us along💚

  13. I am so disappointed that there’s not a nursery in the Louisville area that offers the variety of your parents nursery. Went to the “best” yesterday and found not one of the interesting plants I’ve seen you plant. Now I’d like to have that blue spruce you planted in this video 😭. May God continue to bless you.

  14. With so much space in your garden now, do you ever consider including a small Japanese garden at some point in the future?

  15. wow, -50F??? that's incredible… love the colors… can't wait to see how they look as they mature…you reminded me i need to toss a few more zinnia seeds to fill in some holes and have more color thru fall (we'll still be HOT thru sept/oct down here in socal)…. everything looks so great!!! and those onions! wow! 🥰❤ thanks for the video!! 🥰❤

  16. Just love your evergreens and everything looking so beautiful in your beautiful garden. Your zinnias are really beautiful.

  17. Is it possible to add that button that you can go back 10 seconds? Sometimes I like to do a double take on something. Especially when Laura starts showing us seed packets and etc.

  18. Welcome to our world. Humidity is what keeps me inside most days during the summer. When I go out it is only for 30-45 minutes at a time then inside too cool down. At 65 I do not tolerate the heat and humidity as well as before. This year seems the worse. It zaps my energy. I like the blue color of the spruce. I will rewatch the beginning to get the name and zones.

  19. Seeing the before and after clips of the various areas is so satisfying to see the difference! So many changes from last year to this one! Beautiful!
    The new tress are sooooo gorgeous!

  20. The south garden looks fantastic! You and Aaron should be very proud of all that you have accomplished over the last year, it's quite a feat! Thank you for your daily dose of garden inspiration. 💜

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