Ponyo Ramen by Studio Ghibli! ? #ponyo #ramen #studioghibli #shorts

One of my favorite Studio Ghibli Films and Food. You can do whatever you want with this ramen bowl, because it’s magic (:

Recipe(2 servings):

-2 packs of your favorite Ramen
-1 Green Onion
-4 slices of Ham
-1 Egg

1. Hard or soft boil the egg. Slice the green onions and cut the ham in half. for more taste, simply fry the ham until golden brown.

2. Prepare ramen noodles in a bowl or cook them in a pot. If your ramen comes with a dry ramen spice packet, open it up and put it inside. Prepare it according to the package directions or however you like to eat it.

4. Top with half of the egg, green onion, and both pieces of ham. Enjoy immediately so the noodles don’t get soggy!

13 Replies to “Ponyo Ramen by Studio Ghibli! ? #ponyo #ramen #studioghibli #shorts”

  1. なんかハリーケインみたいやな

  2. そのラーメンは、韓国のラーメンではない

  3. 韓国と日本の関係の悪さ分かってやってんのなら煽りレベル高いね

  4. That is not japanese Rahmen.
    That is fゅ©︎kin' koreans Rahmen.
    respect for culture. not for stupid meme.

  5. 金稼ぐために日本のモン使うならちゃんと日本内で完結させろ。

  6. 袋麺のチョイスが間違ってるな

  7. いやこれチキンラーメンだから茹でなくていいんだろ

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