Pretty Summer Braids to Fancy Braided Updo


HEYLO lovelies! (:
I’ve been requested to do a tutorial on the hairstyle that I had in my “OOTD/HOTD/Giveaway” video, so here it is! It’s a casual summer hairstyle with pretty braided roses from the back. It looks complicated, but it’s actually pretty easy to do if you take it step by step!

If you’re having trouble with the dutch braid, check out this other tutorial (:

This hairstyle only took me 5 minutes, so it’s also great for school or a day at the park. It can also be worn in many different ways too! You can leave your bottom layers down, curl them, braid them, or bring them over to turn your casual hairstyle into a fancy braided updo. The updo is great for formal occasions; it also look very goddess-like, so you can save it for Halloween if you’re dressing up as a Grecian goddess (:



20 Replies to “Pretty Summer Braids to Fancy Braided Updo”

  1. wow u r so pretty.. plz upload some more summer hairstyle for medium length wavy hair.. love u

  2. amiga tus videos de peinados me gustan y yo tambien me peino igual pero ahy un problema!!!!!! xq no te vistes DECOROSAMENTE osea vistete normal no enseñes tus carnes xq si no yo ya no vere tus videos y les dire a mis demas amigas k ya no vean tus videos xq ellas ven tosos los dias TUS VIDEOS!! pero cubrete un poco no salgas enseñando los hombros ok! grasias espero k entiendas ESPAÑOL!

  3. It'll look less intricate from the side, but I think it'd still look super cute with regular braids (:

  4. Reeaally pretty will try it for school, love ur hairstyles way too much, I take 1r in morning just trying them lol ;)=D

  5. Would skipping the Dutch braid part make it look worse? I can't seem to do it without my hair going all over the place

  6. Thank you so much! (:
    I hope my tutorials will inspire you to try out some new hairstyles :D!

  7. I'm not into all that girly hair stuff but I want you to know that I think youre so good at this thing omg. I never even knew half the hair styles you make even exist! lol its awesome great job, I'll probably be looking at some of your videos for when I get married or something hahah

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