Pretty Window Box Flowers for Shade & a Few Full Sun Containers! ????☀️???? // Garden Answer

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Pegasus® Begonia
ColorBlaze® El Brighto Coleus
Double Delight® Blush Rose Begonia
Sweet Caroline Medusa™ Green Ornamental Sweet Potato Vine

ColorBlaze® Newly Noir™ Coleus
ColorBlaze® Wicked Witch™ Coleus
ColorBlaze® El Brighto Coleus
ColorBlaze® Lime Time® Coleus
ColorBlaze® Royale Cherry Brandy® Coleus
ColorBlaze® Cherry Drop Coleus

Supertunia® Bermuda Beach®
Superbells® Double Vintage Coral™ Calibrachoa
Stratosphere™ White Butterfly Flower Gaura

Sweet Caroline Upside™ Key Lime Ornamental Sweet Potato Vine
Superbena® Cobalt™ Verbena
Superbena Sparkling® Amethyst Verbena
Superbena® Violet Ice Verbena
Supertunia® Raspberry Rush™
Supertunia® Saffron Finch™ Petunia

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27 Replies to “Pretty Window Box Flowers for Shade & a Few Full Sun Containers! ????☀️???? // Garden Answer”

  1. I don't have super strong sun (zone 7) and I grow those begonias in full shade.

  2. I love it when you slow down a bit and talk through your process of choosing the plants. Also, when you go a bit slower and show how you plant them in the soil. When you go so fast, I can't keep up so good. Great video!

  3. Beautiful selection of plants, but way too many in each box for me!

  4. Laura, I think are the most beautiful and striking window boxes you have ever done!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!! Pam in South Carolina

  5. ❤ all the containers look amazing! Can't wait to see the progress!!! So jealous tho I can't find PW plants in my area ???? . All I been able to find is 4 superbells…

  6. Excellent combination choices! ???????????????????? They look gorgeous already ???? Brilliant of Proven Winners to make a compostable container! Nice to see your helpers Benjamin and Cheddar – miss Russell, who doesn’t seem to be around much lately. We’re getting into consistent days of over 100 (Phoenix Arizona 9b), so our plants will be fading out and I’ll be living more vicariously through you now ???? Thanks for taking us along, and especially for explaining and describing the plants you’re using. Happy Summer (and winter for the Aussies) everyone!!!

  7. Amazing, isn't it so nice now the cold spring has gone and the warm is here.. everythings pretty and flowering nicely. It was a slow start and now, a rush to get things in haha.
    Ps, your new hair is hot ????

  8. Laura is an artist with plants and gardens. Love to see everything she and Aaron create. Bethany and Paul complement so beautifully. ????❤❤

  9. What do you use to fertilize on a weekly basis. I love the combination of plants you used in the window boxes. Oh my goodness, the garden in front of the window. When Aron swung the camera around, I thought how beautiful. I could walk along your gardens all day and take in all the beautiful flowers and benches, and accents that you add to your gardens. Just so beautiful. I am older than you but I’ve learned a lot and are trying a lot of the plants that you’re using. Have a great week. Pat in North Carolina

  10. Those begonias are my favorites, I have only early morning sun and they do wonderful, the sun is gone by ten o'clock. I love your selection.

  11. Love, Love, Love the Rose garden. Back in my 30's 40's and 50's I had over a 100 plants and they were like my babies, but I got older, things happened . Now there are none. I hardly ever go outside any more. Laura gives me something to look forward to when I wake up every morning. She truly surrounds herself with beauty.

  12. Be careful pulling those tabs on the new PW pots. Twice they broke and went way up under my finger nail. I won’t be buying anything in those pots again ????

  13. Gorgeous! When i ordered all of my PW plants they all came in the compost pots but i took them out also and planted them! They are doing beautifully

  14. Love your combo of plants in the flower boxes!! The cut flower anchor boxes are so bright and pretty!! Hope the vine goes all the way to the top???? The roses are beautiful, they like their new beds ????

  15. Beauuuuuutiful! Absolutely gorgeous containers. Thank you for the inspiration! I cannot wait to plant up my own summer containers as soon as my proven winners delivery arrives ❤

  16. Thank you for the inspiration for shady containers – I have a shady area by the front door that looks really grim, so I'm looking forward to brightening it up. Your garden is looking beautiful and I love the yellow columbine.

  17. Me working in the garden (doing a fraction of the work Laura does): Hot, sweaty, red-faced, dirt-covered, frizzy-haired mess. ????
    Laura working in the garden: Perfect hair, perfect make-up, white-shirt-wearing pristine beauty. ????

  18. Done? Never! Just switch gears. ????☺???????????????? beautiful arrangements. Have a great week! ????

  19. Oh my goodness the begonias are sooo beautiful! My favorite combination of plants you’ve done yet! Everything you planted was absolutely beautiful and now I want to run out to the store to see if I can find everything! ????

  20. This question is for Aaron. Back in the Beginning when you were encouraging Laura to make these Videos, did you ever dare to Dream that it would turn into this???

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