Princess Aurora Twisted Hairstyle from Disney's Maleficient l Waterfall Braid Twist Hair Tutorial

A hair tutorial on Princess Aurora’s Sleeping Beauty twisted half up half down hairstyle from Disney’s movie, Maleficient. It is a simple two strand waterfall twist with soft and loose curls. This romantic hairstyle can be done on shoulder-length medium hair or long hair. It’s suitable for special and formal events such as school dances (Homecoming, Prom, etc.), parties, dinner dates, or weddings.

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Elsa’s Frozen Braid ✘
Fold-over Drape Braid ✘
Waterfall Braid & Bow ✘

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24 Replies to “Princess Aurora Twisted Hairstyle from Disney's Maleficient l Waterfall Braid Twist Hair Tutorial”

  1. I really love this hairstyle! I'm definitely going to wear this to ball, but I have one problem. After I twist my hair, my hair just slips back down and ruins the braid. Is there anyway to stop this from happening??

  2. Oh my gosh I watched so many of your hairstyle tutorials and I love how you're able to recreate so many looks that I love! Thank you so much for being original with your hairstyles as well as recreating beautiful ones! You saved my hair :')

  3. Thank you for this sugestion. It's such a great romantic braid!
    Also, you are the only youtuber who answered to my comments!!!

  4. can you do an Arial the princess hair tutorial that would be much appreciated and I really love your videos!!    

  5. this is probably my most favorite hair tutorial ive seen from you!!! So elegant and pretty!! <3 thanks so much ive been trying to find something like this!!

  6. Can u post a video about hair products that r good for hair growth and products that can strengthen the hair

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