Pro Tip! #3 How to stretch /reduce Morgan Silver Dollar coin ring & keep 100% of the detail

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This is Pro tip #3 in a series of videos showing specific tips and tricks that are in my coin ring training manual. This pro tip shows how to stretch and reduce a Morgan Silver Dollar while keeping 100% of the detail on the coin.

12 Replies to “Pro Tip! #3 How to stretch /reduce Morgan Silver Dollar coin ring & keep 100% of the detail”

  1. So with that tape on the ring stretcher there’s no need for hammering I take it and are all the dies one might need in the original 4 pack that you sell on Etsy ? And what size hole is in that Morgan a 1/2 or 5/8 every time I stretch a Morgan it closes on the Mandrel at 18

  2. +Jason Works or anyone who knows, but once you've used the liver of sulfer, do you need to trash it and start fresh each time or can you save it for reuse each time needed like I do with my Sparex 2?

  3. Hi Jason, at one point you reject a reduction die 25%, what did you exchange it for, and are these described as die angles? thanks Jaxx

  4. Thank You for all your videos. This week I've learned that it may not be possible to anneal too often, it IS possible to anneal too hot… I heated a silver half dollar too hot, and it just folded over in half.
    What advice can you give for reducing the reeded edges of the heavier coins? I feel like I'm having to use excessive amounts of force, even on a freshly annealed coin, to get any reduction at all on the heavy edge.

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